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Argus Africa Roads 2018

The latest technical advances in material design, asphalt mixes and binders aimed at delivering safe, long-lasting and cost-effective roads


Morning registration and networking


Chairman’s opening speech


Global keynote address: Examining the latest global technology in the bitumen and asphalt industries to deliver efficient and safe road infrastructure

  • Assessing the latest quality assurance and specifications being used in the US and European paving industry
  • Extending road service life through enhanced field compaction
  • Expectations for pricing and demand
  • Examining the latest recycling programme and road construction impacts
  • Understanding the latest advancements in research and development and not-to-be-missed innovations, specifically looking at:
      - EU and US advancements in Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA)
      - High modulus asphalt mix (EME) vs GB5 high performance asphalts and anticipated challenges moving forward

    Alex Marais, Sales Manager - Asphalt Additives, Sub-Sahara Africa and Latin America, Sasol

10:30 Host country keynote address: Putting safety first in the construction of roads through the design and construction stages
  • Strategic planning: How to improve safety through design by defining the role of road engineers with regards to safety
  • Establishing best practice in road construction through integrating safety features for all new developments
  • Maintaining structures in a way that ensures that the demands for function and safety are met at the most reasonable cost
Eng. Light Chobya, Assistant Director for Trunk Roads, Ministry of Works, Transport and Communications, Tanzania
 11:00 Mauria high performance bridge devices
  • Innovations and new Material in bridge bearings and Expansion joints
  • Quality and Durability of MAURER devices
  • Worldwide References
Raad Hamood, Area Sales Director, Maurer SE
11:30 Morning coffee and networking


12:00 Adopting the changing requirements and specifications 

  • Potential trends impacting global oil and bitumen market
  • New strategies to engineer bitumen/asphalt and properties that impact road durability and quality
  • Assessing the future of bitumen/asphalt and how the landscape for this market continues to change

    Andrew Wayira, Global Product Portfolio Specialist, Shell
12:30  Road construction participant’s perspective: Maximising road build projects through extreme climate bitumen/asphalt

  • Analysing how varying climates can create challenges for paving professionals and roadway users
  • Understand the benefits of varying weather resilience characteristics and others for the new-age bitumen asphalt
Luis Fernandes, Director, Emergency Cabinet, ANE National Roads Administration, Mozambique
13:00 Networking lunch
14:30 Leading minds panel discussion: Exploring innovative material designs and construction techniques for delivering efficient roads 

Discussing solutions and proven methods to effectively resolve regional challenges in road construction in order to avoid future mistakes, specifically looking into:
  • Surfacing of low-volume roads
  • Soil stabilisation methodologies
  • Pavement overloading control
  • Energy harvesting through road infrastructure
  • Adopting road infrastructure to suit African weather and climate

 Session participants:

  • Luis Fernandes, Director, Emergency Cabinet, ANE National Roads Administration, Mozambique
  • Eng. Dickson Ndhlovu, Director for Planning and Design, Road Development Agency, Zambia
  • Eng. Light Chobya, Assistant Director for Trunk Roads, Ministry of Works, Transport and Communications, Tanzania
15:15 Testing methods to determine specifications and performance of emulsions

  • Examining Performance Grading (PG) specifications 
  • Discussing effective maintenance systems of roads - how to maximise performance with constrained funding in Africa?
  • Development of long-term ageing test method for sprayed sealing binders– where is Africa globally on this industry trend?
Eng. Dickson Ndhlovu, Director for Planning and Design, Road Development Agency, Zambia
15:45 Afternoon coffee and networking


16:15 The latest developments in technology for the construction and maintenance of access/feeder roads in Africa

  • Exploring the design and construction of roads best suited to the African environment
  • Which technological advancements are aiding the development and improving the quality of roads?
  • An overview of urban transportation and safety management in Africa
Champagne roundtables 

Peer-to-peer networking roundtables, designed for in-depth discussion of a particular topic. Sign up to one of our working groups with 30 of your peers.
Roundtable 1: A Tanzania focus: Exploring the need for maintenance and reviewing recycling techniques

Led by:
Eng. Light Chobya, Assistant Director for Trunk Roads, Ministry of Works, Transport and Communications, Tanzania
Roundtable 2: Transformational additives for the production of high performance modified asphalt mixtures 
Roundtable 3: Development and adoption of test methods for bitumen and asphalt mixture in countries throughout the world

Led by: Andrew Cooper, Director of Research, Cooper Research Technology
17:30 Roundtable conclusions
17:40 Close of Technical Focus Day
17:50 Icebreaker networking drinks reception and conference registration