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Argus Biofuels Week 2017

Argus Biofuels 2017

 Wednesday 18 October



Registration and breakfast

Breakfast sponsored by UPM Biofuels


Chairperson's opening remarks


An update on legislative developments

  • Outlining regulations and proposals under RED
  • An overview of key industry developments
  • Focus for developing post-2020 reforms
  • Analysing the role of biofuels in GHG commitments

Kaisa Hietala, Executive Vice-President - Renewable Products, Neste


An overview of the market and trading               

  • Analysing market trends
  • Outlining this year’s trading patterns
  • Outlining global trading forecast

Christine Ancker, Editor - Argus European Biofuels, Argus


What is the future for biofuels markets?

  • Analysing the European Commission’s proposals for RED II
  • How can the market prepare for RED II?
  • To what extent will the RED II support the biofuels industry?
  • What is the future of raw materials?
  • Which feedstock will be used?

Christopher Snyder, Executive Director - Europe Operations, REG

10.10 Panel Discussion: The outlook for development of domestic markets in EU member states
  • To what extent will the industry fragment further to domestic markets
  • What role do biofuels play in meeting member states’ emissions targets?
  • How will member states compete in the markets post-2020?
  • How will this shift in responsibility impact, develop and stagnate markets?
  • What is the future of raw materials?
  • The outlook for global feedstock imports to the European market
  • How will the UK act in the biofuels markets post-Brexit, including the UK’s ability to dump? What will be the UK’s environmental policy?

Aaron Berry, Head of Low Carbon Fuels Strategy, Department of Transport UK
Adam Stepien, Director General, Polish Chamber of Biofuels

10.50 Networking coffee break


11.30 Reviewing challenges with biofuels classification and certification
  • Defining advanced biofuels
  • Assessing the extent of disparate specifications in biodiesel products
  • Reviewing challenges of classification and certification

Dr. Jan Henke, Director, ISCC and Director, Meo Carbon Solutions

11.50 How is the potential for UERs legislation influencing biofuels markets?
  • How will producers optimise emissions reduction and reach their GHG targets?
  • Comparing the effectiveness of blending to biofuels use in order to reach targets

Elmar Baumann, Managing Director, VDB

12.10 Panel Discussion: Interpreting the changing value of the market and its driving factors
  • Predicting the future of trading: regional hubs or the ARA AOM
  • Changing the view of data on the markets 
  • Analysing the limited liquidity of the markets and how this will change
  • Reviewing the impact of a fragmented market place
  • Reviewing capacity through changes in legislation and technologies
  • Assessing the feasibility of feedstocks and biofuel products going forward

James Standage, Biodiesel Physical Broker, OTC Europe

12.40 Networking lunch - sponsored by Axens


14.00 Case Study: A success story - the Finnish biofuels market
  • Finland’s development of its biofuels market and production
  • Analysing the importance of the forestry industry in its market development

Sari Mannonen, Vice-President, UPM Biofuels

14.20 To what extent is investment incentivised in the biofuels sector? 
  • How investors perceive biofuels in the sustainable energy mix
  • Outlining investors risks and expectations in biofuels market
  • To what extent is law is supporting investment into biofuels 
  • Evaluating the investment landscape    

Dickon Posnett, Director of Corporate Affairs, Argent Energy

14.40 Case Study: Developing new projects and new technologies
  • Limitations on implementing new projects
  • Demand vs. supply of HVO products
  • Isolating the value chain to turn a project into fruition: EPCs, technology suppliers, operators and investors

Larissa Perotta, Technologist, Axens

15.00 Panel Discussion: The perspective of producers – plans for investment and expansion into the biofuels markets, challenges faced, which technologies and feedstocks are the future
  • Assessing the extent of disparate production qualities
  • How will oil companies fulfil their mandates?
  • Where will feedstock come from?
  • Which feedstock will be used?
  • The effect of technology and legislation impacting HVO capability
  • How will HVO transform the market?

Christophe Dargnies, Vice-President - Biofuels, Total

15.30   Networking coffee break
16.00 Understanding the current landscape of co-processing and realising any growth potential
  • Outlining the landscape of developments in co-processing
  • Reviewing the outlook of Germany in co-processing
  • New opportunities in co-processing
  • Reviewing developments in HVO
16.20 Chairperson's closing remarks 
16.45 Networking drinks reception - sponsored by REG

 Thursday 19 October


Registration and breakfast

Breakfast sponsored by UPM Biofuels


Chairperson's opening remarks


09.40 Understanding the global oilseeds landscape
  • Reviewing the competitive environment between feedstocks; including shifts in oilseeds and movements in advanced biofuels
  • Evaluating durability of feedstocks
  • Assessing the future of feedstock production and demand

James Fry, Chairman, LMC International

10.00 Reviewing the outlook for waste-based feedstocks and the prospects of utilisation in the industry
  • Evaluating the availability of waste-based feedstocks
  • Evaluating the current UCO market price and availability
  • An overview of the key European markets for UCO and tallow
  • Reviewing issues in certification
  • Evaluating capacity for utilising waste as feedstock

Luis Rodrigo Poch, General Manager, UCO Trading

10.20 Panel Discussion: What is the future of feedstock purchasing in Europe?
  • Outlining the availability of feedstocks from around the world
  • Which feedstocks will be prioritised under RED II legislative reforms?
  • Does capacity and infrastructure support RED II plans for feedstock?
  • Outlining limitations on utilising different feedstocks

Dr. Michael Goldsworthy, Senior Consultant, NNFCC


Markets in perspective

 Technology stream


Outlining the global outlook for anti-dumping tariffs
  • Analysing the impact on value of an open market
  • Assessing potential changes to global anti-dumping tariffs
  • Evaluating the impact of tariffs on Argentinian and Indonesian markets
  • How much product will be moved to European markets as a result of tariff changes?

Brendan McGivern, Partner, White & Case

Spotlight on advancements in HVO technologies
  • Employing new technology in plants
  • Case study: pilot plant with new technologies

Outlining key developments in African Markets

  • Analysing affects of supply into Europe
  • Key bio-refinery developments

Ohene Akoto, Director, Jatropha Africa

Technology Showcase:

This session will consist of a number of 10-minute presentations, followed-up by a five-minute Q&A session. A unique opportunity to join a live debate on available technologies.

12.40 Networking lunch
14.00 Analysing US legislation and how this is affecting EU markets and pricing

  • Outlining up-to-date developments in the US legislation
  • Assessing price indicators from developments in the US markets
Technology Showcase:

The exclusive showcase of new technology continues in this fast paced session

Gregor Herz, PhD Student, IKTS
14.20 Demand for biofuels in the transport sector
  • Where do biofuels fit in reaching emissions reduction targets in the transport sector?
  • Assessing jet fuel qualities and GHG savings
  • Analysing future demand for biofuels in the aviation and maritime industries
  • Reviewing regulations impacting the transport sector and incentivising sustainable fuels
Networking coffee break
14.50 Roundtables

In a fast-changing market, meet with key industry players in the biofuels industry to discuss different perspectives of biofuel market developments

End of technology stream
15.50 Chairperson's closing remarks
16.00 End of conference 

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Looking for fair international trade of renewable diesel: What tools and what perspectives?

  • Guaranteeing a fair and secure market for advanced biofuels
  • Assessing actions at crucial ongoing WTO biodiesel and HVO panel
  • Exploring new anti-fraud sub-schemes and practical goals
Raffaello Garofalo, Secretary General, EBB – European Biodiesel Board

Looking for fair international trade of renewable diesel: What tools and what perspectives?

  • Guaranteeing a fair and secure market for advanced biofuels
  • Assessing actions at crucial ongoing WTO biodiesel and HVO panel
  • Exploring new anti-fraud sub-schemes and practical goals
Raffaello Garofalo, Secretary General, EBB – European Biodiesel Board

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