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Attend the Premium Pellets Focus Day to understand the current drivers in the residential and domestic heating market. Learn about current pricing trends, demand due to new regulation, pricing and technological advancements.

PREMIUM PELLETS FOCUS DAY: Tuesday 17 April 2018

 08.00 Morning registration and coffee
 09.00 Chairperson’s opening remarks

Christian Rakos, Chief Executive Officer, proPellets Austria



Keynote speech: Assessing incentives in the EU to encourage market growth in the residential sector

  • Understanding the EU’s ambitions for the premium pellet industry
  • How to work closely with the EU to increase transparency
  • What incentives are there in the heating and domestic market?
  • Helping SMEs evaluate markets in Europe for new opportunities
Christian Rakos, Chief Executive Officer, proPellets Austria

Exploring the domestic renewable heat incentive (RHI) by 2021

  • Current and future policies and regulation in the UK premium pellet market
  • How the UK vote to leave the EU  will impact production, consumption and trade in the UK
  • Setting legally binding carbon budgets that determine maximum emissions
  • Working closely with Europe and keeping business open
Frank Aaskov, Policy Analyst, REA
10.10 Morning coffee and networking



Panel discussion: Exploring the current supply and demand market for premium pellets

  • Where do we see growing demand for premium pellets across Europe?
  • How are new regulations incentivising the domestic and commercial markets?
  • Understanding the current market and expectations of new boiler installations 
  • What’s the export potential of pellets from the US?
  • How much premium pellets will be exported from the Baltics and where will they go?
  • Understanding the availability of storage and shipments to support supply  
  • Exploring the shift from truck transport to new shipping routes and cost benefits
  • How can we overcome the main logistical challenges?
Hugues de Cherisey, Secretary General, SNPGB

John Brick, Director, Premium Pellets 
Tiago Andrade, Director, Wood Pellet Services 
Gilles Gauthier, General Manager, AEBIOM
Michael Dalton,
International Commercial Manager, Georgia Biomass
Gordon Murray,
Executive Director, Wood Pellet Association of Canada

Assessing the role and competitiveness of Russia in the premium pellets market

  • Understanding raw material availability and Russia’s role in the premium pellets industry
  • How much new capacity is coming on stream in Russia and what are project timelines?
  • Exploring the trading and supply market in Russia and Eastern Europe
  • What logistical challenges do traders face and how can these be overcome?
Michael Christensen, Chief Operating Officer, CM Biomass

Case study: Optimising the premium pellet supply chain in Italy and improving logistics

  • Exploring the current demand for premium pellets in Italy
  • Importing in bulk: what are the hurdles faced?
  • Understanding the benefits of different transportation modes including train versus truck
  • Assessing what infrastructure is needed to improve the efficiency of the supply chain
Filippo Valdata, Trader, Pellet MyFire
12.20 Networking lunch

Increasing demand for boiler installations in Italy

  • Understanding the politics surrounding the premium pellets market
  • Exploring new demand trends for boiler installations
  • Encouraging sustainable market growth with incentives from governments
Annalisa Paniz, Director, The Italian Association of Biomass (AIEL)



Exploring carbon tax as a major driver for development of RES and pellets

  • Overview of the carbon market in Europe including carbon tax for domestic heating and small to medium sized installations
  • Sweden and France cases : history, way it works, effects on RES development, specificities 
  • Understanding how carbon tax incentives are currently driving the development of biomass 
Eric Vial, President, EPC, General Manager, ProPellet France


14.30 Producing sustainable, high quality fuel form agricultural feedstock and advanced process technology
  • Handling and processing challenging agricultural residues to make a homogenous and high-quality pellet
  • Partnering with sugar mills and farmers to improve their own production allows for long-term and secure feedstock supply
  • Perfecting torrefaction to produce high quality and consistent fuel pellet, regardless of the inconsistency of the feedstock conditions
  • An ultra-low GHG fuel profile is possible when utilizing excess AG residues that would have been disposed or left to decompose
Phil Keating, CEO, American Biocarbon
15.00 Afternoon coffee and networking

Focused roundtable discussions

Join a table of 10-15 attendees and explore solutions to your number one challenge. Each roundtable is led by an industry thought leader.

Roundtable 1: Premium pellets versus industrial pellets: How the premium pellets market works in conjunction with industrial in light industry pressures
                        Led by: Filippo Valdata, Trader, Pellet MyFire

Roundtable 2: Increasing premium pellet demand: Where will it come from?
                        Led by: Arnold Dale, Vice-President, Bio-Energy, Ekman & Co

Roundtable 3: New boiler installations: Investing in boilers for increased efficiency 

16.30  Roundtable leader's conclusions

Chairperson’s closing remarks

Christian Rakos, Chief Executive Officer, proPellets Austria

16.50 Close of Premium Pellets Focus Day
17.00 Ice-breaker drinks reception: Shared with attendees of the Wood Chip, Baltics Focus Days and Introductory Workshop

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