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This Wood Chip Focus Day will allow you to explore in detail the changing dynamics of the industry, including: new areas of consumption, the impact on the pulp and paper industry, how to improve the supply chain and technical advancements with a focused group of experts who are doing business in the wood chip market. Access to the Breakfast Briefing is included in your Wood Chip Focus Day pass.


08.00 Morning coffee and networking
09.30 Chairman’s opening remarks

Bill Strauss, President, FutureMetrics



Keynote speech: Understanding the current market drivers and demand dynamics in the European wood chip market

  • Exploring the current demand drivers in the wood chip industry
  • Where do we see new consumption of wood chips in Europe?
  • Understanding the key challenges facing wood chip consumers
  • Assessing various wood chip specifications and variations
  • Where do we see new shipping routes emerging and what are the key logistical challenges?
Patrick Madigan, Head of the Board, Móna BioEnergy


Reviewing the changing landscape of competitive energy: The shift from pulp and paper

  • What are the current dynamics and shifts from pulp and paper?
  • Understanding the new market for timber
  • How is the decrease of pulp and paper impacting pellet production?
  • How will timber companies fit in the biomass and energy landscape?
  • Increasing the need of transparency in the market 
Seth Walker, Senior Economist, Director of Business Development, FutureMetrics

 10.40 Morning coffee and networking

Keynote panel discussion: Exploring the trading landscape of buyers and sellers

  • Understanding the main challenges from a buyer’s and seller’s perspective 
  • What does the current European wood chip trading landscape look like?
  • What are the new emerging export markets?
  • Market liquidity: What are the main challenges and how can these be overcome?
  • Is wood chip trading done bilaterally or through an exchange?
  • Understanding the position of milling plants for the wood chip market

Laura Tovey-Fall, Editor, Biomass, Argus


Juan Prados Edwards, Managing Director, Generandi
Søren Alsing
, Head of Fuel, Ørsted
Michael Corten
, Chief Executive Officer, Bee (Belgian Eco Energy)
Patrick Madigan, Head of the Board, Móna BioEnergy
Didzis Palejs,
Wood Chip Sourcing and Sales, CM Biomass, President, AEBIOM

12.10 Networking lunch


13.40  Case study: Creating a secure supply chain for sustainable invader bush wood chips
  • Exploring how to enhance the logistics for a smooth supply chain
  • Assessing storage facilities available for wood chips
  • Improving the handling of biomass at Ports for increased efficiencies
  • Arranging shipments into European Ports and handling
Michael Corten, Chief Executive Officer, Bee (Belgian Eco Energy)
14.10 Afternoon coffee and networking

Focused roundtable discussions

Join a table of 10-15 attendees and explore solutions to your number one challenge. Each roundtable is led by an industry thought-leader.

Roundtable 1: Exploring wood chip technologies for co-generation:
Generating electricity, whilst producing heat for pellet production and other loads
Led by: Enrico Meneghetti, Chief Executive Officer, Espe

Roundtable 2: Assessing changing wood chip consumption
Led by: Jamie Aldridge, Biomass Market Reporter, Argus

Roundtable 3: Sustainability of the supply chain: Security of supply
Led by: Didzis Palejs, President, AEBIOM; President, LATbio


Roundtable leader's conclusions

16.00 Chairperson's closing remarks

Bill Strauss, President, FutureMetrics
16.10 Close of Wood Chip Focus Day
17.00 Ice-breaker drinks reception: shared with attendees of the Premium Pellets, Baltics Focus Days and Introductory Workshop

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