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Argus Metals Week 2018 celebrated its ten-year anniversary by bringing insights and clarity to the nickel, cobalt, molybdenum, ferro-chrome, battery and 3T conflict mineral markets over four days of dedicated presentations, discussions and networking.

Attendees received an exclusive update on the responsible sourcing of cobalt from Alexis Mikamdji, Managing Director, CEEC of the Ministry of Mines, Democratic Republic of Congo 

Download our 2018 eBook: Movement in Metals: Lithium, Cobalt and Tungsten

Mini eBook from Argus Metals Week 2018
Information Download your complimentary copy of the eBook. Inside you will find:
  • Thoughts from Do-Fluoride Chemicals on current lithium consumption
  • The future of lead-acid batteries per Hallgarten & Company's Christopher Ecclestone
  • How Cobalt27 and Groupe Renault see large multinationals cleanly sourcing enough Cobalt to meet demand
  • Michael Masterman of W Resources giving us an update on the La Parrilla project

 Just some of our 2018 speakers:

Anand Gupta
Anand Gupta
Chief Executive Officer
Aamor Inox
Reiner Haus Reiner Haus
Managing Director
Dofner Anzaplan

Bill Reid
William Reid
Associate Director:  Airfoil Castings, Structural Castings, Forgings & Mill Products Strategy
Pratt & Whitney
Terry Perles
Terry Perles
Motive Metals
Denis Gorbachev
Denis Gorbachev
Director International Business
Dominic Heaton
Dominic Heaton
Chief Executive Officer
Masan Resources
Michael Lillja
Michael Lillja
Marketing Director
Afarak Group
Barbara Buck, VP Sales and Marketing, Climax Molybdenum
Barbara Buck
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Climax Molybdenum Company
Michael Michael Masterman
Executive Chairman
W Resources
Fedor Mironenko
Fedor Mironenko
General Manager
Avas Trading

Battery Conference NiCoMo SnWTa

Christopher Ecclestone, Chief Executive Officer and Director, Alix Resources

Cassie Yen, Manager of Foreign Trade Dept, Do-Fluoride Chemicals

Christopher Reed, Managing Director, Neometals

Jeremy Poirier, President & CEO, Bearing Lithium

Mark Seddon, Senior Manager, Consulting (Metals), Argus

Marco Romero, President & CEO, Euro Manganese

Hakim Faqir, R&D Hydrometallurgy Deputy Director, Managem Group

Fabio Maggiore, Metal Man, Orim

Denis Sharypin, Head of Market Research, Norilsk Nickel

Stephane Chorlet, Sales & Marketing Vice President, Erasteel - VALDI

David Weight, President, Cobalt Development Institute

Philippe Richard, Secretary General, International Chromium Development Association

Carl Landuydt, Managing  Director, Aperam Sourcing

Stephane Chorlet, Sales & Marketing Vice President, Erasteel - VALDI

Nigel Clarke, Manager Alloys & Metals Procurement, Liberty Speciality Steels

Andrew O'Donovan, CEO, Global Advanced Metals

Michael Dornhofer, Director of Purchasing & Logistic Wolfram Bergbau und Hütten

Richard Lucas, Managing Director, Wolf Minerals

Johann Jacobs, Chairman, King Island Scheelite

Kay Nimmo, Manager of Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs, ITRI

Burghard Zeiler, General Secretary, International Tungsten Industry Association

Lawrence Heim, Managing Director, Elm Group


Argus Metals Week Gallery

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Argus Metals Week 2017 gallery 3
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If you have any questions or would like to be involved with Argus Metals Week 2019, please contact the Argus conference team:

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