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West Africa Fertilizer Forum

Join 200+ delegates 

At the West Africa Fertilizer Forum, join over 200 delegates in Dakar, Senegal, which brings together international suppliers, importers, local producers, regional distributors and associations. This is an unrivaled networking forum – the only place to be if you want to build your business across west Africa.

A sample of the 2017 registered attendees include:

AB Etiproducts, Agricultural Manufacturing Group / Enepa Ventures, Agricultural Resources, Agronegoce, Ameropa, Arc En Ciel Sarl, Atlantica Agricola, Biotech Services Senegal, Bureau Veritas, Ciat, Cipam, DAP, Doucoure Partenaire Agro-Industries, Elephant Vert, ETG Inputs Hold, Etimine, European Machine Trading, Fertimed International, Fertinagro Nutrientes, Gnoumani, Gracias, Great Quest Mali, Helm, IFDC, Indorama, Industries Chimiques, Innovations Marketing, International Fertilizer Industry, K+S, Loading for Mineral Materials, Mediterranean Fertilizers Company, Mineral Materials UK, Myself, Notore Chemical Industries, OmniFert , Orekema, Overseas Trading, Phosagro Trading, Polyserve, RS Trading, SAD, Sangoye, SECO (OLAM), SEDAB, SIA, SoilCares, SOPAM, SQM Europe, Sulfert, Tessenderlo, Trade Corporation International, Transvostok Group, Triferto, Vertiqal, West Africa Fertilizer Association (WAFA), West Africa Fertilizer Association, Yargus Manufacturing and many more.

Delegate Feedback

Quotation marks "As always Argus is the best when it come to networking the fertilizer business." - Maeva Gauvrit, Business Development, Soilcares

Quotation marks"The Forum was fantastic. All players in the fertilizer supply chain deliberated on important issues bordering the fertilizer industry including the implementation of the ECOWAS reputation of fertilizer. Participants were well informed about the issues." - Soloman Gyan Ansah, Deputy Representative of the National Fertilizer Council, Ministry of Food and Agriculture, 

Quotation marks "An informative Forum that was well organised with a  good mix of disciplines." - Jed Richardson, President, CEO and Director, Great Quest Mali

Quotation marks "The Forum shared information and provided networking opportunities that really helped us get better insight and updates about the fertilizer sector." - Rajesh Singh, Fertilizer BU General Manager, Olam/ SECO

Quotation marks " Le forum á été tiés enrichissount á tout poit ole vue les é changes out été ole trest grousle qualité. / The forum has been very rewarding". - Traore Nathan, Owner, MCI

Quotation marks
"Bonne orgnaisation avec un excellent niveau de participation./ Good organization with an excellent level of participation." -  Noel Bataka, WAFA

Quotation marks "Rendez-vous important pour le secteur des fertilisants et leurs partenaires. Pari  gagné et felicitation aux organisateurs. / Important meeting for the fertiliser sector and all its members." - Darius Konan, Sales Manager, Sea-invest

Quotation marks "
Echanges fructueux avec tous les participants. / Fruitful exchanges with all the participants." - Joseph Minoungou, Project Officer, Coris Bank International

Quotation marks "Ce Forum a été très formateur, enrichissant avec beaucoup de présentations qui prenaient en compte tous les aspects du secteur des fertilisants (que ce soit l'accès, l'utilisation des engrais, etc…) / This forum has been very informative and enriching with many presentation that covered all aspects of the fertiliser sector." -  Abain Kouamé Affouet Maitiene, Chief Service, Ministry of Africulture and rural development, Cote d'Ivoire

Quotation marks "Merci pour ce forum très enrichissant pour tous. Félicitations à toute l'équipe du WAFA et Argus. En espérant que cet échange soit une porte ouverte à la bonne utilisation des engrais et une bonne productivité agricole. / Thanks for this very enriching forum for all. Hoping that this exchange open doors to the proper use of fertilizers and good agricultural productivity -  Aubierge Samecken, Director General, Citrans

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