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The 6th annual international conference Argus Neftetransport 2016 takes place on 23-24 March in Moscow.

Thank you to all who participated.

Key topics discusses included:

  • Oil and oil product exports from Russia and CIS in 2015
  • Functioning of rail market amid drop in shipments and surplus of tank cars
  • Prospects for river transportation of oil products amid shallow depths and infrastructural limitations
  • Changes in cargo flows amid development of pipeline projects
  • Plan on development of port infrastructure and construction of new transshipment facilities

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Argus Нефтетранспорт 2016 Argus Нефтетранспорт 2016 Argus Нефтетранспорт 2016
Argus Нефтетранспорт 2016 Argus Нефтетранспорт 2016 Argus Нефтетранспорт 2016

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