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Argus East of Suez Products Conference

The balance of global oil consumption is moving away from industrialised countries to developing economies, which are growing faster and are more energy intensive.

Asia-Pacific has emerged as the demand centre of the oil world. But additions to supply suggest a growing overhang in oil products markets, such as transportation fuels gasoline, jet fuel and gasoil in particular. Increasing refinery capacity in India, China and the Mideast Gulf are set to trigger changes to established trade flows, storage and pricing.

The shale revolution in the US has turned the US into a significant products exporter. Tight oil, shale gas and natural gas liquids are already making an impact across energy markets in all regions.  Asia-Pacific will be an outlet for exporters of LPG and condensate, which will compete with naphtha supply from the Mideast Gulf. 

Conference highlights: 

  • Outlooks for gasoil, gasoline, and jet markets – fundamentals and changing trade flows 
  • Alternative petrochemical feedstocks for Asia-Pacific crackers – a challenge to Mideast Gulf naphtha supplies?
  • Low-sulphur fuel oil to meet bunker specs: – likely scenarios
  • Panama Canal expansion – what this means for the cost of shipping products to east of Suez markets
  • The Americans are coming – how a resurgent US refining sector will affect east of Suez oil product markets
  • Australia/Japan refinery closures – How much, how fast, and the impact on Asian markets
  • China’s changing environmental specifications – the impact on gasoline and gasoil supply and demand  
  • India as an export hub: How much longer?
  • Russian refinery upgrades and the impact on fuel oil supply
  • Gasoline versus gasoil – Which is the dominant Asian road transport fuel?
  • The rise of regional oil trading hubs: Ulsan as a case study

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