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Argus Metals Week 2017

Argus Metals Week (formerly NiCoMo) took place on 6-9 March 2017, delivering a platform for discussing the global market outlook, supply and demand balance, market pressures as well as prospect within production, mining and manufacturing. 

The 2017 event consisted of a new Battery Conference (6 March), NiCoMo conference (7-8 March), Tantalum Summit (9 March) and Tungsten Summit (9 March). 

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Speakers included:

Kurt Vandeputte Kurt Vandeputte, Vice President of Rechargeable Battery Materials, Umicore Xiaoyong-Yan Xiao Yong Yan, Director, Auyong Advanced Materials Technology
Samantha Veiga Samantha Veiga, Strategic Sourcing Specialist, Pratt & Whitney Furkhat Faizulla  Furkhat Faizulla, Deputy Director, Advanced Material Japan Corp
Russell Clark Russell Clark, Managing Director, Wolf Minerals Daniel Francis Persico  Daniel F. Persico, Senior Vice-President, NEC Tokin Corporation

2017 Gallery

Argus Metals Week 2017 gallery 1
Argus Metals Week 2017 gallery 2
Argus Metals Week 2017 gallery 3
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If you have any questions or would like to be involved with Argus Metals Week 2017, please contact the Argus conference team:

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