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Argus Black Sea and Caspian Transportation Corridor


The conference was held with the direct support of the government of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara and Georgian Railways. More than 120 people attended, including representatives of large oil, transport and logistics companies, refineries and fuel consumers from Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Russia and other countries.

Adjara government chairman Archil Habadze greeted the participants and stressed the importance and timeliness of the conference.

Speaker presentations

Topics for the first day included the development prospects for the Azerbaijan-Georgia transport corridor, new projects to expand and modernise Georgian terminals, transport logistics, tariff policies and an assessment of cargo flows from central Asia to European markets. There was also a discussion on the best way to maintain and increase cargo flows in the Caspian-Black Sea corridor.

Oil terminals visit

On the second day the participants visited the Batumi oil terminal — one of the first oil transshipment complexes on the Black Sea — and the Poti terminal.

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Argus Black Sea and Caspian Transportation Corridor

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