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ARGUS Fertilizers in Sub-Saharan Africa 2023

Prepared in collaboration with the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC), the Argus Fertilizers in Sub-Saharan Africa report delivers essential insight and data on key fertilizer markets and logistics in this exciting region.

The report explores sub-Saharan Africa’s resources and the potential to develop new projects. It includes a comprehensive country-by-country outlook, essential insight on import and supply hubs and logistical corridors as well as analysis on the harnessing of natural gas for new nitrogen capacity in the next 5-10 years.

Report available as two separate parts: East or West

This report is now available in two parts, focusing on the East or West of the Sub-Saharan Africa region - allowing more flexibility and choice in whether to take one or both parts of the report.

Key benefits

  • Develop effective marketing strategies for sub-Saharan African fertilizer markets
  • Assess market size and value based on trade statistics
  • Reveal the cost chain from port to farmer
  • Establish the main players and potential partners in each country
  • Understand the market environment and structure, including subsidy systems and government programmes
  • Plan logistical supply routes to target markets

Key features

  • Overview of the sub-Saharan fertilizer market
  • Assessment of the natural gas resources and feedstocks by country, as well as phosphate rock and potash resources
  • Analysis of the markets for nitrogen, phosphate, potash and NPK fertilizers
  • Detailed country studies offering insight into a range of important factors including market size and structure, major crops and yields, farming practices and systems, policy and regulation, logistics and transport, price trends and cost chain analysis
  • Examination of import and supply hubs and logistical corridors, with coverage of transport infrastructure, relevant fertilizer markets and the key players

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