March 2021
Digital events

Argus Biomass - Webinars and Podcasts

Digital events that address the hottest topics

This series will deliver specialised content on and insights into the challenges and opportunities facing the global biomass industry. The podcasts and webinars will bring together the unique perspectives of market leading companies and individuals and will also offer critical insights from Argus experts. Contact us today to explore how you can get involved with this unique digital series.


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Episodes in the digital events series include:

  • Emerging source regions

    A spotlight on challenges and opportunities in emerging source regions for pellet and wood chip markets.
  • Technological developments

    This episode will explore technological developments in pellet production, trade and consumption.
  • Biomass and its renewable credentials

    Find out how different certification schemes may be helping or hindering consumer trust in bioenergy.
  • The impact of Covid-19 on biomass markets

    Tune in to this podcats to hear Argus, Ørsted and Hofor A/S address one of the biggest issues facing global biomass markets.

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More critical topics to be announced soon!

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