The Global UAN Market Outlook

The Global UAN Market Outlook report provides a five-year forecast of UAN supply, demand, trade, prices and production costs, coupled with essential analysis and insight into market developments. We provide a comprehensive look at the future UAN market balance, taking into account the influences that are leading to substantial market growth. If you have interests in the UAN business and related nitrogen markets, this Argus report will ensure that you have a better understanding of this dynamic market.

Key features

  • Profiles of all major UAN producers, highlighting their production and capacity, and market orientation.
  • Historical and forecast UAN demand by country, including a breakdown of demand by province and region for the key consuming countries.
  • Detailed UAN trade data and commentary, including total imports by source and exports by destination for all major markets, together with trade matrixes for current and historical data.

Key benefits

  • Reveal the impact on the market balance and US UAN imports of the construction of major new UAN production facilities in the US.
  • Identify which countries have been responsible for the increase in world trade in UAN by 2.4mn t since 2000.
  • Discover how proposed trade defence measures in key markets might reshape global UAN trade flows.
  • Learn how UAN is taking market share from other products in key nitrogen fertilizer markets.
  • Understand the cost structure of UAN production worldwide, and what distinguishes the leading, most profitable producers from the rest.
  • Use and incorporate the report’s readily accessible data — including country-level UAN supply, demand, exports and imports — into your planning and use it to inform and support your decision making.

Key markets

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Former Soviet Union (FSU)
  • Rest of the world

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