Global battery material prices

Global battery material prices

Global battery material prices from Argus

Battery materials have become a topic of interest in recent years as the production of electric vehicles increases globally. But this is still a space where emerging technologies could change the conversation quickly, if the current dominance of lithium-ion batteries is challenged by an alternative material that can drive the necessary range for electric vehicles to be embraced on a larger scale.

Argus has been at the forefront of covering the battery materials sector but takes it even further into the full range of electronic metals required to support technology emerging in other parts of the vehicle as well.

Argus Non-Ferrous Markets and Argus Battery Materials bring transparency to opaque and illiquid markets, and studies the details of complicated supply chains that increase price volatility and complicate access to securing enough material to meet future demand.

Minor metals: Battery metals

As automakers continue to invest in electric vehicle production and power companies explore infrastructure that includes energy storage programmes, the group of metals contained in the lithium-ion batteries that support these products has been a sector of interest for investors in recent years. Manufacturers also struggle to understand the impact of changing technology on their raw materials costs, making business planning an increasingly challenging exercise. Argus is well positioned to provide insight into price volatility, global supply and responsible material sourcing for all manufacturers and investors in this sector.


Highlights of Argus global battery material coverage

  • Understand the context of significant price movements and industry trends with a weekly PDF that highlights the most important market news

  • Mitigate risk and perform reliable forward planning with 1-year and 10-year forecasts across different battery metals, chemistries and industries

  • Gain a competitive edge with industry-specific tools, such as the Black Mass Calculator that estimates the intrinsic value of different battery chemistries

  • Invest with confidence knowing Argus is IOSCO-compliant with over 50 years of experience delivering accurate price data and market intelligence
  • Navigating energy transition

    Energy transition offers tough challenges and huge opportunities. Far from affecting only the power sector, all major industries are looking to transform how they produce, store, transport and consume energy. The need for authoritative information on fuels, industrial heat, power and chemical raw materials has never been greater.


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