Global ferrous prices

Global ferrous prices

Global ferrous prices from Argus

Argus understands the importance of having confidence in price assessments that are used to settle commercial transactions in commodity trading.  To this end, Argus maintains a commitment to delivering a deep level of transparency into the data that underpin the published numbers and is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the changing dynamics of the global ferrous markets. Argus is particularly strong in capturing the volume of trading activity in the coal and iron ore markets through its Argus Ferrous Markets service, while close engagement with the market has allowed Argus to adjust the nuances of its pricing to increase objectivity as market needs have changed. The steel input prices in Argus Ferrous Markets provide a leading indicator of the direction of steel prices in the next buying cycle for manufacturers that use steel as a raw material. Argus also prices finished steel products to give a full view of the steel value chain. Price assessments in the most prolific steel producing regions in the world highlight the impact of protectionist trade policies for this critical material in a highly competitive global market.

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Steel feedstocks

Marked by complexity and volatility, the materials used in making steel are some of the most highly influential costs owing to the widespread consumption of such materials by steel producers all over the world, especially in China, which exports more steel annually than the combined production of all other countries. Argus provides a broad base of coverage across many highly active trading regions with a granularity and transparency that allow full confidence in the evaluation of market performance.


The Argus Chinese export HRC price is used as the settlement mechanism for the London Metal Exchange contract, and has set the tone for the global steel market’s performance since China’s emergence as a steel production powerhouse. Supplemental data such as mill lead times and spreads between raw material and finished goods costs offer an enhanced view of the health of the global steel market that is relevant for investors and manufacturers alike. The full mine-to-mill steelmaking value chain is analysed in extraordinary detail through Argus Ferrous Markets for the benefit of the wide range of companies that are exposed to volatility in steel costs.

Highlights of Argus global ferrous coverage

Visit our global scrap page for more information about the full range of ferrous scrap coverage in Argus Metal Prices.

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