Global specialty metals

Global specialty metals

Global specialty metals prices from Argus

The extensive collection of specialty metals priced by Argus through its Argus Non-Ferrous Markets service provides a single view of the many metals used in technical applications, including light and high-temperature metals, alloys, electronic and battery materials and rare earths. Today’s highly engineered, WiFi-enabled, touch-screen products contain a collection of these specialised materials in multiple component parts, and Argus offers manufacturers a single source for tracking volatility in prices for these raw materials, which can have a significant impact on production costs.

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Minor metals: Electronic metals

Increasing demand and complicated global supply chains for electronic metals makes having an independent resource to bring transparency to pricing and to identify risks to material supply critical. It would be virtually impossible for most downstream participants to effectively research and track individual materials in component parts, so Argus brings all these elements together.

Light metal prices

Argus provides some of the best and broadest coverage of light metals prices in the most active consuming regions globally, for aerospace, automotive and other highly engineered applications. Manufacturers of items made of alloyed materials and light metals will find both primary and scrap material coverage in the Argus suite of products.

High-temperature metals

Applications that may require materials to withstand higher temperatures and corrosion more effectively than carbon steel will require a special blend of alloyed materials, often customised to the exact specifications of a manufacturer. Argus provides robust tools through its Alloy Calculator and suite of specialty metals price assessments that allow even the most specific blends of alloys to be priced in primary and scrap form.

Rare earths

Rare earths are important components in many common products, such as glass, ceramics, magnets, and catalytic converters, but are also important as refinery catalysts, battery alloys, phosphors, and in the production of metals. Pricing these materials can be challenging, with few sources of marketable product in the global marketplace and most of that coming from a handful of Chinese producers who supply manufacturers across the globe. Argus has exceptional expertise in pricing and forecasting the global rare earths market, including long-term forecasting and supply and demand fundamentals.

Highlights of Argus global specialty metals coverage

  • Provides independent reference prices for highly illiquid markets and niche materials
  • Brings transparency to markets with few global suppliers but increasing global demand
  • Detailed coverage of exchanges with 30-minute delay standard (option to add real-time)
  • Twice weekly global bulk alloys, noble alloys and steel feedstock prices
  • Comprehensive global electronic metals price assessments
  • High-temperature metals price assessments, including full scope of Tungsten coverage with optional short and long-term forecasting
  • Light metals price assessments including comprehensive suite of Titanium prices
  • Rare earths prices assessments with optional short and long-term forecast add-on options
  • Strength in electronic vehicle and aerospace raw materials coverage, including the highly engineered electronic components and structural materials
  • Coverage of supply chain issues, including demand, capacity, risks to responsible sourcing and supply
  • Alloy Calculator tool allows easy identification of cost implications for material substitutions in any alloyed metals
  • Synthetic prices can be created in the Alloy Calculator to provide material value in the absence of spot market assessments

Argus carries a variety of global scrap prices in each of its three core products — Argus Scrap Markets, Argus Ferrous Markets and Argus Non-Ferrous Markets. To discover the combination of products that will provide the most complete coverage to serve your company’s needs, contact us for a consultation. Information about Argus subscription options can be found here.


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