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About OCTG Price Guide and OCTG Service

The OCTG Price Guide (formerly called the OCTG Spot Market Price Report) details pricing for casing and tubing used in US onshore wells to help industry participants monitor changes across the market with one year’s worth of historical data. It is also a valuable tool for business planners and analysts that utilize correlations and trend analysis to project internal performance. The OCTG Price Guide includes “The Pipe Logix OCTG Index” which is an average of the ERW and Seamless pipe grades that Pipe Logix prices. A year-long subscription includes 12 monthly issues in PDF format.

The OCTG Service (formerly called the OCTG Market Review & Outlook) includes the OCTG Price Guide along with deep fundamentals on supply / demand. This also includes the full historical data set of OCTG pricing, as well as shipments, imports, active rigs, wells permits and other critical drivers to OCTG pricing. It offers a comprehensive demand outlook based on drivers from both the steel and the oil and gas industry. A year-long subscription to the OCTG Service includes 6 regularly published issues.

Both subscriptions cover key market factors, delivering a concise presentation of the drivers to the OCTG industry. They also include distributor sentiment which is a diffusion index that indicates whether the market is contracting or expanding.

  • Argus Pipe Logix OCTG Price Guide

  • Argus Pipe Logix OCTG Service

What does the report cover?

The OCTG Price Guide provides average spot market prices for 33 categories of pipe.  All prices are reported on a dollar per short ton ($/ton) basis. Average prices over the past 3 months for each category are provided in the report.  The report covers the most popular sizes of tubing, production casing and surface casing. Below is a complete list of the reported items.

OCTG Price Guide table 


In what format will I receive the report?

The reports are in PDF format delivered by email from domain. It can also be accessed through the Argus Publications App from any compatible Android or Apple devices. You can also access your PDF report and associated data and downloads by browser through the Argus Metals platform.


View release schedule

The below release schedule is for the OCTG Service reports. The OCTG Price Guide is released on the last Wednesday of the month.

JANUARY- Review of previous year spot prices - Includes prices and analysis for the prior year.

MARCH - Review of imports and exports - This report presents a review of last year's OCTG imports. Data tables provide the history since 1984. Comparisons and averages for the last five years are also given. Other tables show changes in the components as reported by the duties paid on OCTG tariff schedules– (1)Countries of Origin, (2) Casing, Tubing and Drill Pipe mix, (3) Seamless vs. ERW mix, and (4) Plain End vs. Finished mix.  The concluding section looks at OCTG exports.

MAY- Updated Forecast- This report presents a review and changes to our November OCTG Forecast and offers some comments about rising issues in the current year.

JULY -  Key Market Factors - A thorough examination of many key factors and how they impact the OCTG market in order to understand the near-term direction of demand, supply and price for OCTG.

SEPTEMBER -  Key Market Drivers - This report reviews current factors that affect the OCTG market. The focus is on drivers that affect the outlook for next year, thus to serve as background for the November Pipe Logix Annual Forecast issue. The report covers a broad market overview, the importance of natural gas trends and gas wellhead prices, crude oil trends, supply trends, and import trends.

NOVEMBER - Outlook for the OCTG market for the next calendar year - This annual report presents the logic and resulting "most likely" forecast for OCTG market conditions in the coming year.


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