Metals: ARGUS US HRC steel price assessment

Metals: ARGUS US HRC steel price assessment

The ARGUS US HRC price assessment

Hot-rolled coil (HRC) is the predominant finished steel form in the US domestic and global steel industry, and the foundation for many steel-based industrial products. Significant liquidity in the HRC market, along with HRC’s importance as a raw material for manufacturers, make this a critical material that requires accurate and timely spot pricing and analysis.

The Argus HRC price assessment is published weekly on Tuesday to provide an assessment that captures the maximum liquidity and provides a timely reaction to spot market fluctuations. The Argus US HRC price can be accessed through the Argus Metals online platform and can be analysed alongside raw material costs for electric arc furnace or blast furnace-based steel production in the Argus Ferrous Markets and Argus Scrap Markets daily services.

US HRC specifications

Grade Prime quality
Quality ASTM A1011 CS Type B 100-1,000st. minimum order size
Gauge 48-72 inch width and 0.083-0.501 inch thickness
Location Midwest and south
Timing 2-10 weeks shipment
Assessment frequency Weekly (Tuesday)
Measure $/st

Advantages of the ARGUS US HRC price assessment

Argus’ expansive global steel raw materials coverage provides detailed analysis of the correlations and spreads between raw material costs and finished goods prices, and those data points are published in a section of calculated mill spreads for core steelmaking regions across the globe. The HRC price assessments, alongside the mill spreads and lead times, provide the most complete picture of steel mill production activity for anyone seeking to understand the buying or selling patterns of the steel market. 

Argus’ methodology is proven, robust and created to suit the needs of the modern metals industry. With a large, dedicated global team of experts, we are committed to ensuring the highest quality in price assessments while delivering actionable market news and commentary. Argus Ferrous Markets provides accurate and unbiased pricing, including more than 150 price assessments from the global ferrous markets.

Users of the ARGUS US HRC price assessment

HRC is the most actively traded steel material and is used in a variety of manufacturing processes, making the weekly HRC price a trusted barometer for the health of the industry as whole. Companies active in the physical spot market for HRC include mills, service centres, trading firms and a variety of consumers across the construction, pipe-making and white and yellow goods sectors, among others.



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