ARGUS Ukrainian Oil Products

Argus Ukrainian Oil Products is a daily report on the Ukrainian oil products market.

Markets covered

  • Diesel
  • Gasoline
  • Jet fuel
  • Bitumen
  • Fuel oil
  • Crude and gas condensate
  • Reformate, alkylate, MTBE and benzene fractions>/li>

Our advantages:

  • Prompt price analysis
  • Trade data
  • Detailed review of events and exclusive news
  • Transparent price assessment methodology


  • Analysis of Ukraine’s oil products market, with comments from market participants
  • Analytical reviews and statistical information on oil products imports, exports, production and consumption, as well as long-term and spot transactions using formula-based pricing
  • Sellers' prices for wholesale cargoes of A-95 and A-92 gasoline, diesel and jet fuel for delivery by rail
  • Price assessments for gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and fuel oil on a fob Rotterdam, cif northwest Europe and fob western Mediterranean basis
  • Contract and spot price assessments for imported cargoes of A-95, A-92 gasoline and diesel on Ukraine’s borders, at the Novograd-Volynsky terminal and at ports
  • A-92 and A-95 gasoline prices on an fca Kagamlykskaya (Kremenchug refinery), fca Shebelinka (Shebelinsky gas refinery), cpt Korosten (Mozyr and Novopolotsk refineries) and fca northwest Ukraine (Mazeikiai refinery) basis
  • Diesel prices on an fca Kagamlykskaya (Kremenchug refinery), fca Shebelinka (Shebelinsky GPP), fca Novograd-Volynsky (Russian refineries), cpt Korosten (Mozyr and Novopolotsk refineries), fca northwest Ukraine (Mazeikiai refinery) and fob Ukrainian ports (Black Sea and Mediterranean and other refineries) basis
  • Comparative efficiency indexes for exports of Belarusian oil products and Russian diesel supplied by pipeline to Ukraine and northwest Europe
  • Assessed prices for imported gasoline from Belarus and Lithuania, as well as diesel from Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, the Black Sea, Mediterranean and other regions, adjusted for sales locations in Ukraine

Our audience:

  • Importers of oil products will need the information in this publication to determine prices for large wholesale cargoes on Ukraine’s domestic market; to trade or purchase fuel to supply retail fuel networks; to calculate the cost of imported oil products and assess the benefits of buying fuel from a particular producer for further sale; to calculate the financial performance of their own sales units and for transfer pricing.

  • Ukrainian producers of oil products can use this publication to compare prices on the domestic wholesale market with the cost of imported fuels; to decide on prices for large wholesale cargoes and assess prices offered by competitors on Ukraine’s wholesale market for trading purposes; for settlements with wholesale buyers and consumers who buy Ukrainian-produced fuels at prices based on formulas indexed to European price assessment.

  • Exporters of oil products to Ukraine can use this publication to compare the efficiency and assess the profitability of selling motor fuels to Ukraine and northwest Europe; to monitor price movements in the Ukrainian market compared with other regional markets; for settlements with Ukrainian importers who buy foreign fuel at prices based on formulas indexed to European price assessments; to assess the performance of the whole supply chain from their refinery to the Ukrainian trading hub where fuel is being sold wholesale and for transfer pricing.

  • Customs, anti-monopoly and government authorities can use this publication to assess customs duties and taxes on imports and exports of oil products; to evaluate market transparency; to use market mechanisms and to help ensure compliance with anti-monopoly laws for pricing in the wholesale and retail sectors.

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