Argus RED marine biodiesel prices for Europe

Argus RED marine biodiesel prices for Europe


Argus RED marine biodiesel prices for Europe

  • Argus B24 (UCOME) dob Algeciras-Gibraltar
  • Argus B30, B100 (Advanced Fame 0) dob ARA
  • Argus B30 (UCOME) fob ARA

New spot price assessment launched: B24 (UCOME) dob Algeciras-Gibraltar

B24 dob Algeciras-Gibraltar is a daily spot price assessment for marine biodiesel blends comprising 24pc used cooking oil methyl ester (UCOME) and 76pc very low-sulphur fuel oil (VLSFO).

The price is published daily on a delivered-on-board (dob) basis for the Mediterranean ports of Algeciras and Gibraltar.

Assessment input comes from both buyers and sellers to ensure a robust and accurate market price. This includes shipowners, refiners, bunker suppliers, traders and brokers.

Argus B30, B100 (Advanced Fame 0) dob ARA prices

Argus B30 and B100 (Advanced Fame 0) dob ARA are part of a suite of prices that capture the value of Advanced Fame 0 and VLSFO blends. The suite of prices is inclusive of HBE-Gs (Dutch bioticket) deductions, storage, throughput and barge costs.

The suite of prices also includes B10, B20 and B50 delivered-on-board ARA and are published daily.

B30 (Advanced Fame 0) dob ARA represents 30pc Advanced Fame 0 and 70% VLSFO while B100 is 100pc Advanced Fame 0. All prices in this suite are inclusive of ticket deductions and logistical costs as above.

Argus B30 (UCOME) fob ARA

Argus B30 (UCOME) fob ARA is published daily and represents a blend of 30pc UCOME and 70pc VLSFO. This price is published free-on-board ARA and can be used for counterparties trading barges in NW Europe.

Where are these prices published?

Argus RED marine biodiesel prices for Europe are published daily in Argus Marine Fuels and Argus Biofuels. These services deliver trusted price assessments alongside insightful market commentary, news and analysis.

Advantages of Argus RED marine biodiesel prices for Europe

Argus is the only price reporting agency that provides comprehensive price coverage of marine biodiesel prices for Europe, Singapore and North America.

The marine biodiesel prices provide an independent, daily reference for companies looking to make better decisions on the most economical way to decarbonise their bunker fuel consumption today.

The shipping industry is under pressure to decarbonise, driven by EU and IMO regulation and changing consumer demand. Biofuels including biodiesel provide an immediate carbon reduction before alternative “future” fuels such low carbon methanol, ammonia and hydrogen are available.

How can Argus RED marine biodiesel prices for Europe be used:

  • Contracts: shipping companies, bunker suppliers and traders can use these prices in term contracts, spot contracts and to inform contract negotiations. They can also be used by organisations for internal transfer pricing
  • Risk management: companies buying UCOME,FAME and VLSFO for blending can use this independent index for mark-to-market valuations
  • Optimisation: refiners, traders and bunker suppliers selling marine biodiesel can identify shortages and oversupply to manage production and maximise profits
  • Analysis: Marine biodiesel prices can be used to monitor the evolving premium to conventional bunkers and as an input for price forecasts

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