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Tenp maintenance may curb gas flows to Italy in winter

18 Sep 2017, 10.21 am GMT

Tenp maintenance may curb gas flows to Italy in winter

London, 8 September (Argus) — Tenp maintenance is expected to limit delivery capacity to Italy from northwest Europe throughout the winter.

Firm exit capacity at Wallbach on the German-Swiss border is scheduled to be reduced by 56.1pc to 206 GWh/d in October-March, pipeline operator Fluxys Tenp said.

Additional interruptible capacity at the point may be available over the period.

Firm exit capacity at the point has been reduced by a similar amount for much of this summer and restrictions are also expected to continue for the remainder of this month.

Tenp delivers gas from northwest Europe at Wallbach into Transitgas and on to Italy. Maintenance throughout the winter could curb Italian imports from northwest Europe compared with previous years with Tenp flows at Wallbach regularly exceeding 206 GWh/d in previous winters.


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