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UK proposes higher blend mandate, crop cap

14 Sep 2017, 2.04 pm GMT

UK proposes higher blend mandate, crop cap

London, 14 September (Argus) — The UK government has proposed to increase the renewable fuels blending obligation level to 9.75pc in 2020 and to 12.4pc in 2032, from 4.75pc currently.

In its response to the road transport fuel obligation (RTFO) consultation, the government included an additional target for the blending of advanced biofuels into domestic road transport fuel at 0.1pc in 2019, rising to 2.8pc in 2032.

The government also proposed a crop cap at 4pc in 2018, reducing in equal increments annually from 2021 to reach 3pc in 2026 and 2pc in 2032. The current share of crop-derived biofuels used in transport domestically is around 1.5pc on an energy basis, or around 2pc by volume.

Furthermore, the government will seek to include newly eligible fuels in the RTFO, including aviation biofuels and renewable liquid and gaseous transport fuels of non-biological origin, known as RFNBOs.

UK trade body the Renewable Energy Association issued a cautious welcome to the government's proposals.

"[The rise in obligation] is particularly positive for the increasing use of waste-based biofuels. However, the confirmation that a crop cap will be introduced and decreased over time to 2pc by 2032 is disappointing," it said.

Also published today were changes to UK greenhouse gas (GHG) regulations, including setting a GHG reduction target of 6pc for 2020 and an interim target of 4pc in 2019, as well as GHG credits for upstream emission reductions associated with oil extraction.

Amendments are set to be in force by April 2018, subject to the parliamentary schedule and vote outcome, the Department of Transport said. The RTFO consultation was set out in late November 2016 and closed on 22 January.


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