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Key iron ore producers drive China's record imports

25 Oct 2017, 8.48 am GMT

Key iron ore producers drive China's record imports

Singapore, 25 October (Argus) — A 13mn t increase in shipments from its three largest suppliers sent China's iron ore imports above the 100mn t level for the first time in September.

Australia and South Africa both shipped record amounts and Brazil shipped its third-highest level. The three combined for 91.98mn t of imports in September, an increase of 12.93mn t from August, according to Chinese customs data.

Australian imports at 65.1mn t eclipsed the previous high of 61mn t in June. South Africa at 5.09mn exceeded its previous high of 4.6mn t in March 2014. Brazil at 21.8mn t was its third-highest monthly total.

China imported a total of 102.83mn t in September, higher by 16pc from 88.66mn t in August and 11pc higher than September 2016. The previous record was 96.3mn t in December 2015.

Brazil's imports during January-September grew the most up by 8pc, or 14.3mn t, to 189.9mn t from the same period in 2016. Australian imports grew the most on an absolute basis, up by 6pc, or 30mn t, to 562mn t from the same period in 2016. South African imports rose by 2pc to 38.4mn t over the same period.

Iran's September volume was the fourth-largest export total at 1.951mn t, up by around a third from August and a year previously. January-September Iranian imports grew by 39pc, or 4.7mn t, to 16.8mn t.

Ukrainian imports fell the most from August, down by 60pc to 651,052t, its lowest since March. Its January-September imports at 10.4mn t are down by 27pc from 14.3mn t in the same period last year.

Indian imports of 1.11mn t in September, up by 25pc on the year, are expected to ramp up this month following the June-September monsoon that curtails exports from coastal state of Goa. India's January-September imports at 24mn t were more than double the 11.6mn t in the same period in 2016.


China September iron ore imports'000 t
South Africa5,090.04,471.0143,710.037
Sierra Leone446.0300.049147.0204

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