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South Florida struggles with intense fuel demand

07 Sep 2017 17:51 (+01:00 GMT)
South Florida struggles with intense fuel demand

Houston, 7 September (Argus) — Retail fuel shortages in south Florida have grown "substantial" as major Hurricane Irma remains on track to strike the region this weekend, a convenience store association said today.

Exodus from the heavily populated area, combined with passing evacuees from the Florida Keys, has stressed supplies as residents prepare for the arrival of Irma and its high winds, measured at a sustained 180mph this morning after devastating several Caribbean islands.

"The rest of the state is good, with sporadic single-pump outages here and there," James Miller of the Florida Retail Federation said.

The industry group is working with US officials and those in southeastern states in Irma's path to waive weight and hours-of-service restrictions on trucks and drivers to maximize fuel deliveries.

"We are also getting tanker shipments from the northeast and other areas," Miller said. "It is not a supply issue, it remains a resupply issue."