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China's CMC to produce MgLi alloys

06 Mar 2018 13:32 GMT
China's CMC to produce MgLi alloys

Perth, 6 March (Argus) — Sydney-listed China Magnesium Corporation (CMC) has secured rights under a technology cooperation agreement to produce a range of high purity magnesium-lithium (MgLi) alloys in China.

The agreement with Xi'an Nonferrous Metallurgical Design and Resource Institute (XNM) will lead to the output of MgLi alloys for use in industries such as aviation, aerospace, military equipment and consumer electronics.

The main characteristics of MgLi alloys are that they are 50pc lighter than aluminium and 30pc lighter than magnesium. They also have ultra-low density and ultra-high ductility, CMC said.

Under the agreement, XNM will deliver a turnkey production facility. A feasibility study has already been completed and a plant with initial capacity of 108 t/yr of MgLi alloys is under construction at CMC's site at Pingyao in China.

Subject to successful quality testing, Jingsheng Industrial Company will sign a further agreement for the supply of raw material and offtake of processed MgLi alloys, CMC said.