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US phosphate exports up in January

07 Mar 2018 19:16 GMT
US phosphate exports up in January

Houston, 7 March (Argus) — US phosphate exports rose in January on stronger demand in Latin America and Asia.

US DAP exports increased by 31pc year-over-year to 60,460st in January, according to customs data from the Fertilizer Institute (TFI). Exports to Latin America accounted for 51pc of total volume, while shipments to Japan and Australia accounting for the remaining 49pc.

Exports to Colombia more than doubled from a year ago to 17,250st, and Honduras and Mexico were the next leading Latin American markets at 5,524st and 4,988st, respectively.

Exports to Japan reached 20,613st, while exports to Australia totaled 9,184st, neither country received US tons last year.

MAP exports were up in January by 4pc year-over-year to 246,742st on stronger demand in Australia (90,856st) and Canada (83,743). US MAP exports to Brazil fell by 59pc year-over-year to 31,443st.

US fertilizer year-to-date (July 2017-January 2018) exports of phosphate remained below the previous year despite the increase in January. DAP year-to-date exports reached 999,752st, down by 3pc from a year ago. MAP year-to-date exports fell by 7pc from the prior year to 1.5mn st.

US DAP imports fell by 44pc year-over-year to 110,185st in January. Moroccan imports reached 72,308st and imports from Russia totaled 34,113st. MAP imports jumped by 40pc from a year ago to 160,112st as higher US prices attracted more offshore volumes. US MAP prices averaged $384/st fob Nola on a midpoint basis in January, the highest since October 2015, according to Argus data.

Fertilizer year-to-date imports continued to outpace the prior year, with DAP imports climbing by 15pc from a year ago to 541,833st and MAP imports up by 18pc year-over-year to 689,441st.

US MOP imports grew by 7pc year-over-year to 1.2mn st in January. Canada accounted for 84pc of the monthly total at 1.02mn st, up by 7pc from last year. Russia and Belarus were the next leading suppliers at 80,341st and 72,773st, respectively. Fertilizer year-to-date imports were up by 25pc at 7.7mn st.

US SOP imports in January declined by 14pc from the prior year to 5,180st. Canada accounted for 60pc at 3,094st. The difference was split by smaller shipments to China, Taiwan and Germany. Fertilizer year-to-date imports increased by 29pc to 82,904st.