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US noble alloys imports rise in April

08 Jun 2018 19:58 (+01:00 GMT)
US noble alloys imports rise in April

New York, 8 June (Argus) — US imports of key noble alloys increased by 40pc in April from a year earlier amid higher volumes across alloys.

The US imported 2,840t of noble alloys in April, up from 2,033t a year earlier, according to US Commerce Department data. Noble alloys imports include ferro-molybdenum, ferro-vanadium, ferro-titanium, ferro-tungsten and ferro-niobium.

The US imported 434t of ferro-titanium in April, up from 187t a year prior. Imports from Russia more than doubled to 133t, while imports from Canada rose to 199t from 49t the prior year period.

US imports of ferro-molybdenum rose by 29pc to 1,077t in April. Imports of Chilean ferro-molybdenum increased by 68pc to 515t. The US also imported 438t of South Korean alloy, which was more than offset by lower Chinese levels.

Ferro-vanadium imports climbed by 75pc to 369t in April. Imports of Austrian alloy totaled 201t, up from 60t a year earlier. The US also imported 35t from India, which nearly offset falling Russian volumes.

Aggregate ferro-niobium imports rose by 18pc to 932t in April. Imports from Canada and Brazil, the two primary exporter to the US, were higher than a year prior. The US also imported 19t from Germany, which compares to none a year earlier.

The US imported 28t of ferro-tungsten in April, up from 10t a year earlier.

Baltimore, Maryland, accounted for 54pc of total imports in April, losing nine percentage points in part to greater imports into Buffalo, New York; Cleveland, Ohio; Detroit; Ogdensburg, New York; and Philadelphia.

US exports of key noble alloys slid by 7pc to 620t in April from a year earlier. Volumes declined across noble alloys, excluding ferro-molybdenum. US exports of ferro-molybdenum rose by 67pc to 219t amid greater shipments to Canada and Mexico.