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Iranian VLCC Snow finally discharges off Singapore

26 Jun 2017 12:46 (+01:00 GMT)
Iranian VLCC Snow finally discharges off Singapore

London, 26 June (Argus) — An Iranian very large crude carrier (VLCC) has finally discharged its cargo almost six months after loading.

The Snow — which is operated by Iran's state-owned NITC — finished offloading its 2mn bl cargo via a ship-to-ship transfer off Singapore yesterday. The tanker has been carrying the same cargo since departing Kharg Island on 2 January. The Snow subsequently spent time off the UK coast and then docked at Rotterdam on 5 March but did not discharge. Another NITC VLCC, the Huge, delivered an Iranian cargo to Rotterdam in mid-February.

The Snow then travelled via the Cape route to Singapore, where it has been anchored since. Over that entire period shipping data indicates only modest draft changes indicative of fuel consumption and bunkering.

The unladen Snow is heading north from Singapore via the Malacca Straits and today was signalling Sungai Linggi, Malaysia, as its next destination.