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BP starts US offshore evacuations ahead of Irma

06 Sep 2017 21:08 (+01:00 GMT)
BP starts US offshore evacuations ahead of Irma

Houston, 6 September (Argus) — BP is securing its US offshore facilities and evacuating non-essential personnel from its Thunder Horse platform ahead of Hurricane Irma.

The Thunder Horse is BP's largest production and drilling platform in the US Gulf of Mexico, located 150 miles southeast of New Orleans. The semi-submersible production and drilling facility has an average capacity of 250,000 b/d of oil and 200mn cf/d of natural gas.

BP has also moved non-essential staff from its West Vela drilling rig. No production has been shut in at this time, it said.

"BP is also preparing for the possible evacuation of remaining offshore workers and the shut-in of production at facilities if needed," it said.

It has also begun storm preparations at its Cooper River Petrochemical complex near Charleston, South Carolina. The plant produces petrochemicals used for clothing, textiles, carpet and plastic bottles.

Irma comes even as producers are working to recover from Hurricane Harvey.

BP continues to assess and repair portions of its Westlake campus in Houston that sustained significant flooding during Harvey. While this work is underway, BP's US headquarters will be closed until further notice, it said.

The major said its US business activities were minimally impacted by Harvey. All normal operations will continue as it works to secure temporary office space for a portion of its Houston workforce and permit others to work remotely.