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China's antimony ore imports rise in 2017

26 Jan 2018 17:54 GMT
China's antimony ore imports rise in 2017

Beijing, 26 January (Argus) — China imported more antimony concentrate last year as a result of production shutdowns to reduce pollution and mine depletion, while cobalt concentrate imports fell as consumers imported more intermediates for the production of battery materials.

Antimony concentrate

Imports rose by 30pc year on year to 70,295t in 2017, as a result of tight domestic supply caused by permanent closures of smaller antimony mines as a result of environmental regulations, inspections and depletion at older mines. Imports surged in December to 8,922t from 2,933t a year earlier.

Cobalt concentrate

Imports declined by 32.3pc to 100,862t in 2017 as more consumers switched to cobalt intermediates to meet growing demand for battery materials. December imports fell by 21pc year on year to 8,412t from 10,597t.

Titanium concentrate

Imports rose by 20.3pc year on year to 3.065mn t last year as titanium dioxide producers increased buying on higher prices driven by environmental inspections. December imports fell by 21.8pc year on year to 186,547t.

Tungsten concentrate

Imports dipped by 3.3pc year on year to 3,945t in 2017. December imports rose by 233t from 104t a year earlier.


Imports rose by 27.4pc year on year to 1,967t as increases in international prices prompted Chinese importers to restock. December imports increased by 9.7pc year on year to 161t from 147t.