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US 2017 feed phosphate sales drop despite herd growth

29 Jan 2018 17:49 GMT
US 2017 feed phosphate sales drop despite herd growth

Houston, 29 January (Argus) — US feedgrade phosphates sales fell by 5pc in 2017 from the prior year, despite an increase in the US livestock herd, according to the Fertilizer Institute (TFI) data.

Annual domestic sales finished the year at 613,832st, according to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). December sales totaled 50,009st, down by 4pc year-over-year.

December monocalcium phosphate sales were down by 11pc from a year ago at 36,115st. The drop in sales brought year-to-date totals to 438,712st, 2,748st behind the previous year.

Tricalcium phosphate sales fell by in December by 24pc from a year ago to 10,714st. December sales of dicalcium phosphate improved by 25pc year-over-year to 3,180st. Dicalcium annual sales closed-out 2017 14pc higher than 2016 at 39,242st.

Feedgrade phosphate imports in November totaled 1,276st, a steep 94pc decline from the previous year, according to the latest US Customs Service data. US November exports of monocalcium and tricalcium phosphates were down by 67pc from a year ago at 4,562st as improved demand in Southeast Asia and Brazil did not offset the near absence of shipments to Mexico. Exports of dicalcium phosphate were also in decline during November as waning demand from Germany and China caused global shipments from the US to fall by 40pc year-over-year to 706st.

On the demand side, US cattle on feed numbers continue to grow amid strong export demand and intensifying drought conditions, according to the USDA. In December, US cattle on feed inventory grew by 8pc year-over-year to 11.5mn head.

The US swine herd posted a 2pc year-over-over increase in the fourth quarter 2017 to 73mn head, despite a slight 69,000 head drop in population from the third quarter.