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Canadian MOP 2018 exports off to a strong start

08 Mar 2018 12:37 GMT
Canadian MOP 2018 exports off to a strong start

London, 8 March (Argus) — Canada continued its run of higher MOP exports, reaching record highs in January and on a rolling 12-month basis, as demand for potash continues to rise across the globe.

Canada's January MOP exports were around 1.69mn t, up by nearly 5pc on the same month last year. But on a rolling 12-month basis, Canada exported over 19.1mn t in February 2017 to January 2018, a record high since GTIS data started in 1996. The second-highest export level achieved in the same period was in February 2014-January 2015, at 17.5mn t.

The US received 926,000t of the 1.69mn t in January, followed by China with 361,000t, and Indonesia and Malaysia with 112,000t and 109,000t, respectively.

Canada exported just over 19mn t last year, up by 19pc on the 16mn t exported in 2016, but up by only 7pc on 2015's 17.8mn t. Notable year-on-year decreases include Brazil, which received 1.93mn t last year, down by 20pc on 2016 and by 24pc from 2015.

Significant year-on-year increases include China, which received 1.92mn t, up by 27pc. But China's MOP imports from Canada are largely in line with 2015 levels. Exports to the US rose by 38pc to 10.38mn t.

Exports to India were up by 46pc on the year, to 1.38mn t, while exports to Vietnam were up by 61pc to 258,000t. Exports to Belgium were over 200,000t last year, more than double the exports in 2016, and more than five times the quantities delivered in 2015.