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US January molybdenum production up on exports

04 May 2018 23:32 (+01:00 GMT)
US January molybdenum production up on exports

New York, 4 May (Argus) — US molybdenum concentrate production rose by 25pc in January from a year earlier on higher shipments and exports.

The US produced 4,230t of molybdenum concentrate in January, up from 3,390t a year prior, according to the US Geological Survey.

Shipments of molybdenum concentrate increased by 27pc to 4,230t.

The US consumed 1,310t of molybdenum products in January, up from 1,280t in the prior year period. Demand for molybdenum oxide and ferro-molybdenum edged up, with only un-specified products falling. US molybdenum oxide consumption increased by 2pc to 633t from 620t the prior year.

Consumption of ferro-molybdenum was up by 11pc to 266t.

Aggregate stocks of molybdenum products grew by 3pc to 1,780t on 31 January from a year prior.

The US exported 4,120t of molybdenum ores and concentrates by content in January, up from 2,900t a year earlier.

The Netherlands was the largest recipient of concentrate, rising by 54pc to 1,620t from a year prior. The US roughly doubled exports to Belgium to 904t. Exports to China declined by 90pc to 33t, which was partially offset by 240t shipped to Mexico from none a year earlier.