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DLA sales drop in April on tungsten, FeCr

07 May 2018 16:25 (+01:00 GMT)
DLA sales drop in April on tungsten, FeCr

New York, 7 May (Argus) — The US Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) sold 45pc less ferro-chrome and 46pc less tungsten ores and concentrates in April than a year earlier.

The total value of the sales of tungsten ores, ferro-chrome and chrome metal declined by 27.5pc to $5.5mn in April.

The defense department's procurement arm's sales of low-carbon and high-carbon ferro-chrome totaled 1,291 short tons (st) in April, down from 2,340st a year earlier. High-carbon alloy sales were halved to 1,000st, while low-carbon ferro-chrome volumes declined by 14pc to 291st. The purchases were made by David J. Joseph, Glencore, Russian Ferro-alloys and Varomet for a total of $2.5mn.

The DLA sold 197,000lbs of tungsten ores by content, down from 368,000lbs from a year earlier. The buyers of tungsten ores were not disclosed but paid $3mn in total.

There were no sales of chrome metal in April, down from 10st in the prior year period for $80,000.