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Bangladesh issues tender to buy phosphates and potash

09 May 2018 08:48 (+01:00 GMT)
Bangladesh issues tender to buy phosphates and potash

Singapore, 9 May (Argus) — The Bangladesh agriculture ministry (MoA) has issued a tender to buy 400,000t of DAP, 250,000t of TSP, 300,000t of MOP and 30,000t of powdered MAP. The tender closes on 24 May.

The supply is for import under the government's private-sector quota. Shipments are to be delivered by 30 October, with allowance for a possible extension to 15 November in the case of logistical delays.

The MoA last year purchased 450,000t of DAP, 270,500t of TSP, 353,000t of MOP and 10,000t of powdered MAP through a similar tender. DAP is typically supplied by Chinese producers, although Saudi Arabian material may feature this year. TSP is usually supplied by North African producers OCP and GCT.

Bangladesh imports fertilizers through two main channels — government-to-government agreements organised by state-owned agricultural development firm BADC, and a private-sector tender process under which prices are offered on a spot basis.