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Turkish hydropower unit nears start-up

10 May 2018 15:08 (+01:00 GMT)
Turkish hydropower unit nears start-up

London, 10 May (Argus) — The 627MW Yukari Kalekoy storage hydropower plant will start operations by the end of May.

Below-average hydro stocks in Turkey's eastern regions, where Yukari Kalekoy and most other hydro units are located, will weigh on storage plant generation, Turkish conglomerate Cengiz said. The weaker hydro outlook will prompt more thermal generation in summer months to support day-ahead prices.

Yukari Kalekoy will lift Cengiz's installed capacity to 4.1GW to make it the largest independent generator in Turkey. The total includes Yukari Kalekoy and other units with a combined capacity of 2.5GW where Cengiz owns a 50pc stake. The firm also has storage hydro projects in development with capacity of 861MW.

Cengiz owns a 50pc share in the 1.3GW Cenal imported coal-fired unit with local firm Alarko owning the rest. Cenal came on line at the end of last year.

Turkey's storage hydro capacity will increase to 20.5GW with the addition of Yukari Kalekoy while run-of-river capacity stood at 7.6GW at the end of April. State-controlled generator Euas owns more than half of the country's storage capacity with 13GW.