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China, India counteract global CO2 reduction

02 Jul 2010 17:39 (+01:00 GMT)
China, India counteract global CO2 reduction

London, 2 July (Argus) — A strong increase in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from China and India meant that global emissions remained steady last year, according to the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL).

Industrialised nations' efforts to cut their emissions have been “nullified” by fast-growing developing countries, the agency says in its report, titled No Growth in Total Global CO2 Emissions in 2009.

Emissions from fossil-fuel combustion in industrialised countries fell by 7pc last year, but the same type of emissions increased by 9pc in China and 6pc in India. This was despite China's efforts to double its wind and solar energy. The nullifying effect means that global emissions remained constant last year for the first time since 1992.

The PBL's finding differs vastly to the International Energy Association's earlier prediction of a 2.6pc decrease in emissions in 2009. If achieved, this would have marked the largest decrease in 40 years.

The global recession since 2008 has helped drive industrialised nations' emission reductions. But improving economies could soften such efforts. “A large part of production capacity has been suspended, but it could be re-employed as soon as the economy improves,” the PBL said.

The PBL based its figures on recent data on energy use from BP, cement production from the US Geological Survey and the latest Emission Database for Global Atmospheric Research.

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