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UK’s Sunrise gains approval for biomass CHP plant

13 Jul 2010 12:16 (+01:00 GMT)
UK's Sunrise gains approval for biomass CHP plant

London, 13 July (Argus) — UK developer of dedicated biomass power plants Sunrise Renewables has received planning approval to build a combined heat and power (CHP) wood-fired plant at Barry Docks in Wales.

Vale of Glamorgan councillors rejected the planning application last year for the 9MW plant, after claiming to have received insufficient information on the likely impact on the waterfront. But the Welsh National Assembly overturned the decision on appeal, despite concerns from the local community and Friends of the Earth over emissions and feedstock issues.

The £20mn ($32mn) plant would be capable of providing power for 22,000 homes in the region and could create up to 50 jobs.

Sunrise planned to process around 78,000 t/yr of waste wood, but the National Assembly has restricted processing to 72,000 t/yr.

The company plans to chip the feedstock elsewhere and store around three days of supply on site. The wood will be sourced from construction and demolition sites, with the majority of the fuel expected to come from southeast Wales.

The plant's location at Barry Docks allows Sunrise to import wood chips by sea, rail or road.

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