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Farmers report 87pc of US corn crop harvested

23 Oct 2012 20:09 (+01:00 GMT)

Houston, 23 October (Argus) — US corn farmers had harvested 87pc of this year's crop as of 21 October, drawing closer to the end of a breakneck season that was plagued by drought.

Growers had harvested only 60pc of the crop as of the same week of 2011, and averaged just 49pc of the crop at this time over the past five years, according to the US Department of Agriculture. But drought-depleted yields, ongoing poor conditions and high prices have encouraged farmers to rush the crop out of fields this season.

Missouri farmers had harvested 97pc of the corn crop in their state, the highest rate of completion for among the 18 major corn producing states. Iowa farmers had harvested 93pc, and Illinois farmers 92pc. Indiana farmers had harvested 72pc of the crop.

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