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Colonial asks shippers to divert product headed to NYH

30 Oct 2012 21:03 GMT

Houston, 30 October (Argus) — Colonial is asking shippers to divert product intended for the New York Harbor to southern destinations on three cycles as it continues to work to restore operations in the northeastern US in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

The operator of the 5,000-mile (8,851km) pipeline system moving gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and heating oil from the US Gulf coast to the east coast requested shippers divert cycles 58, 59 and 60 to markets served by Line 04, which ends in Maryland, and to markets served by its southern pipeline system.

Operations remain shut down in the company's intra-harbor transfer system serving the New York Harbor. New York Harbor is closed to all commercial vessel movements and appears unlikely to reopen before 1 November, a local shipping agent told Argus.

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