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Damage, power outages slow return of New York Harbor

31 Oct 2012 21:44 GMT

Houston, 31 October (Argus) — Damage assessments continued at terminals in the New York Harbor today as companies studied whether any facilities could take refined product shipments off a restored Colonial pipeline system later this week.

Hurricane Sandy inundated the New York Harbor and crippled power supplies throughout New Jersey and the New York Harbor area. Colonial pipeline today gave no schedule for restarting its Line 03 mainline, which moves refined product to the harbor from Greensboro, North Carolina. The company was conducting flyovers to verify the line was safe to return to service.

Portable generators and ultimately restored commercial power could help the company restore its Intra Harbor Transfer system based in Linden, New Jersey, by the end of the week on 2 November. But it was not clear today who could take deliveries off the transfer system if it gets restored by Friday. BP, Kinder Morgan, Motiva and NuStar terminals on the system remained shutdown and without power today.

NuStar confirmed flood damage at its marine and storage terminal, and an undamaged but dark truck rack terminal at Linden. BP reported flooding in some areas at its Carteret terminal. A products terminal in Brooklyn survived the storm without damage, but crews had only today gained access to a Newark marine terminal and were evaluating damage, the company said.

An evaluation continued at Kinder Morgan's Carteret terminal, but the facility was without power, the company said.

“We are in the process of trying to get some generators down there,” spokesman Joe Hollier said.

Hess operations in New York Harbor and New Jersey remained suspended, the company said. Motiva, the Shell and Saudi Aramco joint venture, said wind damage had caused a diesel spill from two Sewaren, New Jersey, tanks and had no restart date for any of its four terminals in New Jersey and New York.

The New York Harbor remains closed to commercial vessels, cutting off waterborne alternatives to pipeline shipping. But operations resumed at Philadelphia ports and Buckeye was restarting its Pennsylvania pipeline system, offering some alternatives for delivery into the region.

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