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Some EU member states oppose pre-2015 targets

17 Sep 2013 15:50 (+01:00 GMT)

London, 17 September (Argus) — At least three EU member states have voiced their opposition to setting EU emissions reduction targets for 2030 before nations reach a global climate change agreement in 2015.

Poland, Romania and the Czech Republic said that the EU should wait until other large emitting countries have also committed to a global climate agreement before setting ambitious carbon reduction goals beyond 2020, responding to a European Commission consultation on climate and energy targets for 2030.

“Setting targets for 2030 should be strongly correlated with the ongoing international negotiations on a global climate agreement by 2015,” the Polish government said. “To maintain direct links of EU level objectives with global commitments will not only ensure the effectiveness of these global objectives, but will also help avoid the concerns related to the potential negative impact … on the competitiveness of the economies of countries that pursue them.”

Global negotiators will meet in Paris in 2015 to establish an agreement for greenhouse gas emissions reductions within the Conference of the Parties (Cop) negotiating framework, after prior meetings in Warsaw between 11 and 22 November this year and Peru in 2014. The UK government said in its own submission to the commission that setting ambitious EU targets before 2015 will help “keep the EU at the frontier of global action and able to take the lead in the technologies and industries of the future global low carbon economy”.

The commission today presented the outcomes of its 2030 framework consultation and next steps to EU member state representatives in working parties on energy and environment in Brussels.

In response to the consultation, France, the UK, Spain and Denmark advocated a 40pc emissions reduction target on 1990 levels by 2030. But Poland, Portugal, Romania, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Finland and Austria did not propose specific targets for emissions reduction after the EU's current 2020 goals have expired.

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