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Argus Methanol Dynamics: China Dominance and US Capacity Expansion

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An Argus Consulting Services multi-client study

An Argus study on the global methanol market 

This comprehensive study provides analysis of the global methanol market, specifically in China — the world’s largest methanol market — and the fast-moving US industry.

There has been a wave of new methanol plants spurred by a surplus of natural gas, which may lead to a glut of methanol in the US by 2018. Simultaneously, China’s demand for methanol is on the rise, which will likely make it a greater target for US exports.

This study provides an extensive background of the factors that have led to today’s resurgence as well as a forward view of the future methanol industry, including a long-term price forecast of key markets, global supply and demand outlook, and a production cash cost comparison of all methanol producers.

This publication enables investors and market participants to capture new opportunities in this evolving sector.

Key Features

  • Analysis of the global methanol market
  • Background of today’s methanol resurgence
  • Long-term price forecast (20 years)
  • Forecast by region and by various case scenarios
  • Global supply and demand outlook
  • Methanol production cost comparison

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Anyone associated with the global methanol market including producers, consumers, traders, marketers, shippers, logistic services providers, refiners, integrated majors, financial institutions, investors, government agencies or technology providers, will find this report essential.

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