18 setembro - 19 setembro 2018
Wiesbaden, Germany

Argus Batteries in Automotives

A focus on the development of batteries from conception to application

Join BMW, Honda, Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes, Nissan, Renault, Uber and more! 

We all know that electric vehicles(EV) are the future but if EVs are better for the environment and cost effective, why do electric vehicles only make up 10% of car sales?

Whilst some companies are skipping the investment of ICEs and going straight to fully electric, others are exploring options in hybrids, plug-in hybrids, fuel cells and lead-based batteries alongside solar energy.

Drawing on critical updates from those shaping the industry, join us at Argus Batteries in Automotives to examine the journey from ICEs to fully electric vehicles; delving deeper into cell technology, battery chemistry and of course, the world of charging and charging infrastructure.

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If you are an automotive company, battery manufacturer or battery pack manufacturer, you could be eligible for preferential rates, please contact us for further information.

Who will you meet?

Join cell and cell component manufacturers, battery and battery pack manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers and service and solution providers including Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes Benz - Daimler, Nissan Motor Corporation, Renault Group and Uber

Sample attendee list:

  • Jaguar Land Rover, Director, Electrification
  • Mercedes Benz – Daimler, Battery Research and Development
  • Nissan Motor Corporation, Nissan LEAF Chief Marketing Manager
  • Renault Group, Expert Leader Energy & Raw Materials
  • Tata Motors, European Technical Centre Head of Propulsion and Innovation
  • Uber, Head of EV & Infra
  • Sigma Lithium, Director
  • EUROMET, Sales manager
  • SQM Europe, Senior Sales Manager
  • Fenris Motorcycle, Chief Technology Officer
  • Pulead Technology, Chief Executive Officer
  • Sigma Lithium, CEO
  • UK Research & Innovation, Director, Faraday Battery Challenge
  • London Councils, Head of Transport, Environment and Infrastructure Policy and Public Affairs Division
  • Do-Fluoride Chemicals, Vice General Manager of Strategic Investment Department
  • Proton Motor Fuel Cell, Chief Technical Officer
  • International Tin Association, Technology & Communications Manager
  • Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company, Senior Expert of International Relations
  • TMT Metals AG, Trader
  • CityQ, Chief Executive Officer and Founder
  • Ceteris Paribus Brands, General Manager
  • SQM Europe, Sales Director
  • JOGMEC, Researcher
  • Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company, Expert of Managing Director’s Office Affairs
  • BMW, Senior Lead Buyer
  • Honda, Representative

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Download your brochure for Argus Batteries in Automotives 2018 for a breakdown of Daimler’s e-mobility strategy and more on their on stage live interview at the conference - Discover key updates surrounding the Go Ultra-Low City Scheme and London’s 13 million investment project - Learn about new developments in chemistry and research through sessions by Nissan, Do-Flouride Chemicals and Basf - Gain a deeper understanding of alternative e-mobility including: Fuel Cell’s, Vehicle to Grid and ICE integration

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Your expert speakers include:

Dr. Benedikt Friess
Battery Research and Development, Mercedes Benz - Daimler
Catherine Girard
Expert Leader Energy & Raw Materials, Renault Group
Ana Paola Reginatto
Nissan LEAF Chief Marketing Manager, Nissan Motor Corporation
Dr. Yuan Gao
Chief Executive Officer, Pulead Technology Industry Co
Manfred Limbrunner
Chief Technical Officer, Proton Motor Fuel Cell