08 outubro - 11 outubro 2019
London, UK

Argus Biofuels

Join the market-makers at the industry's number one event

Argus Biofuels is your critical opportunity to meet and network with the full value-chains of biodiesel and ethanol. Join with traders, brokers, producers, political authorities, farmers, marketing and distribution professionals, storage and logistics experts, technology providers, and oil companies for four days of extensive networking and debate.
Your agenda for 2019 will help you navigate the industry’s most pressing challenges, including the impact and latest developments in RED II legislation, changes in tariffs and the affect on international trade, how EU ticketing systems are progressing, availability of waste-based and other advanced biofuels, and production levels and supply/demand dynamics. Leading experts will reveal their insights into how to overcome market bottlenecks and take advantage of new opportunities. 

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Expert speakers include:

Sari Mannonen
Vice-President, UPM Biofuels
Dickon Posnett
Director of Corporate Affairs, Argent Energy
Timo Huhtisaari
Sustainability Director, NEOT
Dr. Jan Henke
Director, ISCC and Meo Carbon Solutions
Rachel Solomon Williams
Head, Low Carbon Fuels, Department for Transport UK

Topics on the agenda include:

  • RED II: What does this mean for your business? Can the industry succeed in fulfilling new regulation?
  • Capacities, price-drivers, new projects: All you need to know on the latest in biodiesel and ethanol.
  • Global markets: Are you hoping to source more waste-based feedstocks from Asia? How much UCO does China have? Is Brazil becoming an importers market for ethanol? Are global markets developing at this time of change?
  • The evolution of the biorefinery: Have you capitalised fully on the DDGS markets? Are you interested in new opportunities in biomaterials? How can a biorefinery maximise profits and reduce costs?
  • HVO and biojet: New opportunities in new sectors for the biodiesel market? HVO capacity, their market share of waste-based feedstocks. New projects in HVO.

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