09 novembro - 11 novembro 2021
Online event

Argus Biofuels Europe and Asia Markets - Virtual Conference

Singapore Time (SGT) agenda

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All conference sessions will be recorded and available to view on demand after the live event. Catch up on all the conference sessions that you missed at a time that is convenient for you.

The big picture: Market opportunities and regulatory updates

Market opportunities and developments in Europe and Asia

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  • The roadmap to decarbonization in Asia Pacific: the role of biofuels and market developments Panellists include - Biodiesel Association of India, Indonesian Palm Oil Association (GAPKI) and more...
  • What are the main developments in the region? Growing markets to watch?
  • Regulatory updates: what are latest mandates? How will this impact markets?
  • Will APAC become a consuming region for feedstocks and biofuels rather than serving as an export market for Europe?

Moderator: Amandeep Parmar, Editor – Biofuels Asia, Argus

Panellists include: 

Bala Mukundan, President, Biodiesel Association of India

Togar Sitanggang, Vice Chairman Trade and Sustainability, Indonesian Palm Oil Association (GAPKI)

  • 16:00 SGT
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  • 17:15 SGT
  • Keynote Panel: The big picture for the biofuels market- an immediate solution for wins in decarbonisation? Speakers include - Geodis, Shell, TotalEnergies and Cargill
  • How are big corporations tackling the energy transition and what opportunities will this present for the biofuels industry?
  • How are biofuels important in the roadmap to decarbonisation for road transport, marine fuels, aviation and more?
  • A changing landscape: how are major players getting involved in the feedstocks market and what does this mean for smaller market participants?

Moderator: Josefine Ahlström, Vice-President, Business Development, Argus

Philippe De Carné, Executive Vice President Business Development, Innovation & Business Excellence, Geodis

Virginie Merini, Senior Vice President RNF, Business Unit Renewable Fuels, TotalEnergies

Patrick Carré, Vice President Global Commercial Road Transport, Shell

Alexis Cazin, Managing Director Biodiesel and Carbon Markets, Cargill

Key European regulatory updates and interpretations

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  • 18:30 SGT
  • The real market driver: legislative developments and updates from the European Commission Panellists include - ePure, European Biodiesel Board (EBB) and EWABA
  • Fit for 55: the overall architecture of an ambitious climate plan by the European Commission
  • How do proposals, including those for RED II and CO2 emission standards, correlate?
  • How will the aviation, marine and road transport sectors be interacting further in terms of policy frameworks? What are the implications biofuels in road transport?

Moderator: Georgia Gratton, Deputy Editor – Biofuels, Argus

Speakers include: 

Emmanuel Desplechin, Secretary General, ePURE

Xavier Noyon, Secretary General, European Biodiesel Board (EBB)

Angel Alberdi, Secretary General, EWABA 

  • 18:45 SGT
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  • 19:45 SGT
  • Finding the right price of carbon in transport: Proposals for an expanded EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and the Energy Taxation Directive (ETD) Speakers include: Adam Berman - European Policy Director, IETA
  • Back to basics: an overview of the proposed structure for the expanded EU ETS for transport and building and a revision of the 2003 ETD
  • What are the implications of the ETS and ETD proposals for the biofuels market?
  • What are the merits and limitations of the proposed changes to these policies? How will an optimal carbon price be found?

Moderator: Eleanor Green, Senior Editor, Argus

Adam Berman, European Policy Director, IETA

  • 20:00 SGT
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  • 21:00 SGT
  • Country by country: The transposition of RED II into national laws in Europe and key developments in UK regulations Speakers include: Rachel Solomon Williams - Deputy Director, Low Carbon Fuels, Department for Transport UK
  • How are various countries and regulating bodies interpreting RED II? What policy implementation discrepancies have we seen and what does this mean for market players?
  • What direction is the UK taking post-Brexit and post-Covid?  What new policies have been introduced?
  • What does inclusion of aviation fuels and maritime fuels in new regulations both in the EU and the UK for biofuels mean for the road transport sector in these markets?

Moderator: John Houghton-Brown, Editor – Biofuels, Argus 

Rachel Solomon Williams, Deputy Director, Low Carbon Fuels, Department for Transport UK

Florian Gollin, Management Team, ecoMotion

Feedstock focus

The future of feedstocks

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  • 15:15 SGT
  • Panel discussion: Annex IX, Part A feedstock solutions available in Asia: the pros and cons Panellists include - Nexus Brokerage, ISCC System, Ginga Petroleum and EcoOils
  • Identifying Part A feedstock solutions available in Asia: what are the most viable options for biofuels production?
  • What are the key challenges and opportunities with these solutions? What is their projected availability?

Moderator: Lauren Moffitt, Biofuels Reporter, Argus 

Victor Allemandou, Broker, Nexus Brokerage

Vasu Vasuthewan, Board Member, ISCC System

Anbath Shanmugam, Group Deputy CEO, EcoOils

Laren Tan, Chief Operating Officer, Ginga Petroleum

  • 15:30 SGT
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  • 16:30 SGT
  • A refiner’s perspective: how much has the landscape changed and where do we see it moving next? Speakers include - Z Energy, Barclays and Dansuk
  • How has the pandemic accelerated the transition to more bio products? How are refiner strategies changing?
  • Will retrofits for biorefineries become the new norm and what are the incentives around the transition to green? What impact will this have on product flows?
  • How might the new administration in the US accelerate biofuels policies and impact competition for biofuels in Europe and Asia in the future?

Moderator: Amandeep Parmar, Editor – Biofuels, Argus

David Binnie, Executive Leader & General Manager, Z Energy

Joshua Stone, Director European Oil & Gas Equity Research, Barclays

Yuchan Jung, Team Leader - Bio Energy Division, Strategic Planning Team, Dansuk

  • 17:00 SGT
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  • 18:15 SGT
  • The market for 1G feedstocks - taking stock of 2020 and looking forwards Speakers include - Argus, CME Group and Cargill
  • 2021: Where did demand for vegetable oils such as rapeseed and soybean oil come from?
  • What is the crop outlook for the coming year for key feedstocks? What are the implications of this for supply of feedstocks to the biofuels market?
  • How feedstocks compete given current crop caps, proposed POME bans and potential increased blending targets within RED II? How might biodiesel and ethanol-blended fuels markets respond?
  • What added value can regenerative agriculture bring to first generation biodiesel? Opportunities to bring back value to farmers?

Moderator: Sophie Barthel, Senior Reporter – Biofuels, Argus

Jade Delafraye, Global Editorial Manager – Agriculture, Argus

Paul Wightman, Director – Research and Product Development, CME Group

Florian Charles, Senior Biodiesel Trader, Cargill

  • 18:30 SGT
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  • 19:25 SGT
  • The hunt for waste and advanced feedstocks: current availability and opportunities for future development Speakers include - Concawe, FatHopes Energy and EWABA
  • Taking stock: an overview of a rollercoaster year and how will this be defining for the future of the market? Is current UCO price sustainable in the long term?
  • Spread too thin: Will there be enough feedstocks to cater for all potential end-use markets in the next 10 years under current regulation? How are the HVO and SAF markets moving forward?
  • Advanced feedstocks: what solutions are being proposed and how feasible are these in the long term or their timelines for development?

Moderator: Daniel Mackay, Senior Reporter, Argus

Speakers include:  

Calliope Panoutsou, Consultant & Senior Research Fellow, Concawe & Imperial College London

Vinesh Sinha, CEO, FatHopes Energy 

Leonidas Kanonis, Director for Communications and Analysis, EWABA

  • 19:30 SGT
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  • 20:30 SGT
  • Trader view: Feedstock usage trends in Europe and the importance of managing price risk volatility Jelle Van Velzen & Ronald Van der Graaf - Senior Biodiesel Feedstock Traders, CF Partners
  • Changes in feedstock usage for Biofuels in Europe: what have the been main shifts?
  • Record high feedstock prices in 2020: how did we get there? The spill over effect: a greater de-correlation of futures and cash markets and its implications
  • Zoom in: Solutions for managing price risk volatility in the vegetable oil complex
  • 21:00 SGT
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  • 22:00 SGT
  • Fireside Chat: How to certify sustainable feedstocks? The need for a more rapid development of a database solution in Europe Andreas Feige - Managing Director, ISCC System
  • Progressing the market: what will be role and importance of the creation of database in a move towards a more sustainable and transparent market for biofuels?
  • What is a realistic timeline for the development of a database solutions to assist certification of feedstocks? What are the main reasons for delays in its development?
  • Closing loopholes: How can regulation on feedstock certification be implemented without a database in place?

Moderator: Josefine Ahlström, Vice-President, Business Development, Argus

Future Fuels: ethanol, HVO, SAF and beyond

Current and future fuel developments in Asia

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  • 12:15 SGT
  • Ethanol in Asia: How is ethanol setting up to play a role in decarbonisation pathways in the region? Alejandra Danielson Castillo - Regional Director for South Asia, U.S. Grains Council
  • China and US trade flows: how will these change?How long will tariffs be prolonged?
  • Will China target more 2G ethanol production or bypass directly to electric/hydrogen?
  • Key changesKe in ethanol mandates: what are India, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam doing?
  • Industrial ethanol flows: how has capacity been expanded given global demand for sanitisers and disinfectants?

Moderator: Lauren Moffitt, Biofuels Reporter, Argus

  • 12:30 SGT
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  • 13:45 SGT
  • Getting the ball rolling: kickstarting the market for SAF in Asia Speakers include - Neste, Cathay Pacific, and Byogy Renewables
  • What is the current project pipeline for HVO and SAF in Asia? Where are the hot spots?
  • How will a market for SAF be created within the Asia region – carrot or stick? Who are the first movers?
  • How is the private sector driving the market? Will Asian countries follow Europe’s model for policy development for SAF? What are the current proposals for policy?

Moderator: Louise Burke, VP Business Development, Argus

Speakers include: 

Sami Jauhiainen, VP Business Development Renewable Aviation, Neste

Grace Cheung, Head of Public Engagement & Sustainability, Cathay Pacific

Kevin Weiss, Chief Executive Officer, Byogy Renewables

  • 15:30 SGT
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  • 16:45 SGT
  • A question of scale: The role of biofuels on the road to the decarbonisation of the shipping industry Speakers include: Bob Kenyon - Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, REG
  • An immediate solution towards decarbonisation: the role of biofuels in the short-term
  • What projects are being developed for biofuels use in shipping? How are certain feedstocks suited to maritime applications?
  • Is HVO use expected to grow into the marine diesel market as the shipping industry looks for greener solutions to meet IMO and EU regulations? What alternative fuels are setting up to play a role in the future?

Moderator: George Collard, Market Reporter – Marine Fuels, Argus

Speakers include: 

Bob Kenyon, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, REG

Emanuele Gallone, Commercial Optimization and Business Development, Uniper

Kristian Korsgaard Pedersen, Sales & Business Development ManagerBunkerOne

HVO and gasoline bio blending components: solutions in Europe and Asia

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  • 17:00 SGT
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  • 18:15 SGT
  • The fundamentals of HVO in Europe and Asia Panellists include - Eni, Biofuel-Express and more...
  • How much HVO is expected to come on line in the next 3 years? What might be the impact of increasing feedstock prices on margins? How will this balance out with availability?
  • What does increased prevalence of HVO mean for methyl ester producers?
  • What are the by products from HVO production? Will there be an increasing role for bio naphtha and bio LPG moving forward?
  • What is the state of the ticket market for blending of biofuels in Europe? How will HVO increasingly be used to hit rising national blending goals and to what extent are HVO prices dependent on these tickets?

Moderator: Giulia Squadrin, Associate Editor, Argus

Panellists include: 

Andrea Martelli, Head of Biofuels Trading, Supply & Sustainability, Eni

Per Sune Koustrup, Biofuel Trader, Biofuel-Express

  • 18:30 SGT
  • -
  • 19:15 SGT
  • Round table with Cargill: Competitive landscape discussion for biofuels and feedstocks Roundtable leaders: Giovanni Gianni & Vikas Bhardwaj - Business Development Director & Senior Commodity Analyst, Cargill

Join this interactive round table discussion to engage with your fellow attendees and discuss some of the following topics:

  • Feedstock availability
  • FAME vs. HVO in road transportation
  • Maritime vs. aviation
  • Available technologies



  • 19:20 SGT
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  • 20:20 SGT
  • Gasoline bio blending components: what will be gasoline’s answer to HVO? Speakers include - Sustainable Fuels, ACFA and more...
  • To what extent has E10 integration been successful in Europe? What is the outlook for non-crop ethanol implementation? What are the solutions being proposed?
  • Going beyond ethanol: how will advanced solutions such as bio MTBE, ETB, help to fulfil road transport fuel obligations under new RED II legislation? How will companies tailor blend components to meet regulatory measures?
  • How will the fuel market work more closely with the petrochemicals industry to develop new solutions in the development of new and sustainable fuels?
  • How are investors reacting to pushes for higher sustainability in the market and what role can they play in advancing the technology?

Moderator: Josefine Ahlström, Vice-President, Business Development, Argus

Panellists include: 

Walter Mirabella, Chairman, Fuels Team, Sustainable Fuels

Clarence Woo, Director, Asia Clean Fuels Association

Future fuels: developments in Europe

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  • 20:30 SGT
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  • 21:40 SGT
  • Taking off: What are the current drivers in the development of a market for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) in Europe? Speakers include - SkyNRG, World Fuel Services and Gevo
  • HEFA-SPK and other alternative technology pathways/feedstocks: What solutions are more feasible in the shorter and longer term? How will production be scaled up for greater price competitivity?
  • What are the main projects being developed on production side? What role will the aviation industry play in supporting the wider adoption of SAF in Europe?
  • SAF to 2050: where are longer term targets looking to? What is the outlook for policy developments in Europe and globally? How will various schemes coexist without an overarching framework?

Moderator: Alfonso Berrocal, Business Development Manager SAF, Argus

Panellists include: Oskar Meijerink, Project Lead – Future Fuels, SkyNRG

Matthew Whitton, Senior Director - Supply Operations Aviation Europe, World Fuel Services

Tim Cesarek, CCO, Gevo


  • 21:45 SGT
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  • 22:45 SGT
  • Fuels of the future: how are product portfolios likely to develop? Speakers include - Argus and st1
  • The present (2021-2030): ethanol and biodiesel – HVO coming more and more into the foreground?
  • Biofuels vs. power to x fuels: timelines and market development. How will hydrogen and EVs impact biofuels in the medium and long term?
  • What are the alternative fuel options for road transport and what are the timelines within which they are likely to become competitors to biofuels?

Moderator: Charles Jans, Vice President – Consulting, Argus

Per-Arne Karlsson, Director Public Affairs and Renewable Energy, St1

Tom Pakenham-Walsh, Manager – Consulting, Argus