19 abril - 22 abril 2021
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Argus Global Festival of Biomass

Digital events that tackle the hottest topics

Argus Global Festival of Biomass will deliver specialised content on and insights into the challenges and opportunities facing the global biomass industry. The interactive webinars and roundtables will bring together the unique perspectives of market leading companies and individuals and will also offer critical insights from Argus experts. Contact us today to explore how you can get involved with this unique digital festival.


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Topics on the agenda:

What are examples of new technologies in the production, trade, shipping and consumption of wood pellets that has the potential to disrupt the market? Which factor will determine their suitability for application on a mass-scale? What is the long-term outlook for digitalisation in the European biomass market?

Which new regions are attracting interest from purchasers of wood chips and pellets? What is compelling procurement officers to take their business further afield? Which new regions show the most potential for matching or usurping more established producing nations?

How are different certification schemes helping or hindering the trust consumers have in bioenergy? Which new avenues is the industry exploring to enhance its political or lobbying power? To what extent is bad press and negative public opinion a threat to European bioenergy?

How are biomass purchasers responding to the fallout from the coronavirus crisis? Where are we seeing the biggest disruptions along the regular supply chains? To what extent can the market be expected to return to its pre-Covid state, and how long will that take?

Explore the role ports and logistics companies can play in supporting the trade and use of biomass.

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