19 outubro - 21 outubro 2022
Miami, Florida

Argus Fuel Oil and Alternative Marine Fuels US Summit


Join a line-up of expert speakers as they debate and discuss the important challenges that fuel oil and marine fuel industry currently faces

  • Residual fuel oil in the global market and the impact of trade relations and market conditions
  • Future supply, demand, blending and pricing dynamics 
  • Feedstocks and bottom of the barrel market developments: Carbon black, slurry oil, VGO, etc. 
  • The role of LNG, biofuels, methanol, hydrogen and ammonia in the bunker sector and the impact of the fuels on the conventional bunker market 
  • What is needed to incentivize higher usage of alternative fuels, what infrastructure needs to be developed and how are ship owners assessing their options? 
  • Refiner’s view on future opportunities in the bunker fuel market and investments 
  • The role of carbon trading and what market participants need to know 
  • Upcoming alternative fuels technology and developments 
For speaking opportunities, please contact Emily Harris: emily.harris@argusmedia.com