01 abril - 02 abril 2019
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Argus Global Gasoline

  • 14:00
  • -
  • 17:00
  • Increasing flexibility at your plant and a technical focus on gasoline blending

Part A:
- Working in a market where operations need to be flexible
- How can refineries increase flexibility to adapt to a volatile market?
- Sourcing strategies for bio-components that will help improve flexibility
- Looking at the need to improve tank flexibility

Part B:
- Understanding how to blend components, including aromatics, ethanol, methanol
- How can companies make calculations on what to blend?
- What can be done with high-octane components?
- Exploring the pricing of ETBE and the benefits of blending for higher fuel quality

*Includes time for coffee and networking during the afternoon workshop

Led by:

John Spencer, Senior Consultant, Red Red Kite

Speakers include:

Bo Gleerup, CEO Founder, Nordic Green

Who is the workshop for? 

This workshop is designed for refining managers, asset optimisation managers, heads of trading, product managers and fuel quality managers who are looking at increasing flexibility during the production process and along the supply chain and who are evaluating the gasoline blending pool and looking to source components, including ethanol, ETBE, reformates and MTBE. 

Why you should attend the workshop? 

Your time spent at the workshop will involve investigating the economics of various blends and assessing which components will improve your bottom line. Work closely with peers in this interactive setting and learn best practices on evaluating the options for diverging into new value chains and how far down the chain to blend.