20 fevereiro 2020
Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow

Argus Russian Coal Market

Global price reporting agency Argus cordially invites you to the Argus Russian Coal Market 2020 conference, which will be held in Moscow on 20 February 2020. The event will look at the increasing competition for existing and new markets in Europe and southeast Asia, as well as the opportunities that new coal terminal projects offer to Russian exporters.


Jake Horslen
Editor, Coal Daily International, Argus
Anatoly Golomolzin
Deputy Head, Russia's Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS)
Vladimir Tuzov
Chief Strategy Officer, SUEK
Alexander Kovalchuk
General Director, Coal Marketing Research Institute
Olga Gopkalo
Chief Specialist, Morstroytechnology

As part of the conference programme, forecasts of Russian coal exports to Europe and southeast Asia will be provided. Participants will discuss fluctuations in coal export prices and the risk of further price decreases, as well as new opportunities for exports to premium and growth markets. The conference will also cover the development of new coal terminals in Russia, the prospects for railway infrastructure expansion and the rising cost of transporting commodities.

The conference will be attended by leading Russian coal producers and consumers, as well as international trading firms supplying to western Europe, Poland, Turkey, Morocco and Asia-Pacific. Metals producers and energy companies, transport operators and ports, brokers and forwarders have also shown significant interest in this high-level event.

Key topics:

Upcoming changes in global coal demand and their impact on Russian coal exports

  • The outlook for exports to Asia-Pacific
  • Risks for exporters in light of the move away from coal-fired generation in Europe
  • Сlean coal technologies
  • The potential for exports of thermal coal via Azov and Black Sea ports

The development of the Russian coal industry and how to recoup investment in new projects

  • The development strategy of the Russian coal industry to 2035 — a new perspective
  • Prospects for mining and processing capacity expansion
  • Optimising domestic coal shipments
  • The prospects of mining and processing capacity expansion: focus on quality

Transport infrastructure

  • The development of coal terminals in the Baltic and Russian far east
  • Stages of railway infrastructure expansion within the Eastern Polygon
  • The business prospects for general fleet operators

For more information about the event please contact our conference department:

Blue email icon.gifmoscowconferences@argusmedia.com
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